Monday, November 19, 2007

Something funny

So we were on the way home from Chilis today. We were sitting at the light and our light and the light the crossed us had turned red. There was a cop sitting beside us getting ready to turn right. All of a sudden these gangsta looking guys in a decked out cadillac flew thru the light right in front of us then came screeching to a halt since their light had been red. Now mind you they were WAY through the light and might as well run it. Then they began to back up(obvioulsy they had seen the copy but not gone past him so the dumb butt didn't see them..a cop...go figure). Anyway they backed way up to go back to the light they FUNNY IS THAT? Totally something someone trying to stay away from the law woud do! It was soo funny and almost like something that should have been i a movie! FUNNY FUNNY!

ON another girlfriend Jaymie(have known her since 9th or 10th grade is in the hospital having her baby...i can't wait to meet him and hope he's nice, plump & healthy!) I'll update again tomorrow...i'm planning on going up to visit tomorrow after paul gets home from work!