Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Our adopted Puppy may have a home!!!

After numerous calls to different shelters and finding out that all were either full or euthanize, we may have found a good home for our mutt!  Since he showed off how smart he was last night, a new neighbor to our neighborhood came by today to see him and wants him.  They are only worried that he may not get along with their 1 yr old lab.  I'm not sure that's possible.  This puppy is so sweet, i think he could get along with any animal!  :)  So, tomorrow i'm going to walk him over to their house and see what happens.  I'm very excited but sad too.  I'm sure Paul will NEVER EVER let me feed a stray again...and i wouldn't blame him.  BUT, this has been one crazy happy ride.  WE FOUND HIM A HOME AND HE WON'T BE PUT DOWN!  YAHOO!  Now i see why Bob Barker used to say "Spay and Neuter your pet and help control the animal population!", after every show!  It's just a sad sad thing...euthanizing pets.  SO, cross your fingers that he is ok with his new home.  I've really grown to like him the past few days..but i'm ready for him to have a REAL home..not a place under our port a cache to sleep and eat.  Let's all hope this works and he likes his new home and doesn't end up on our back door step again! 


Cheryl Lage said...

You should be so proud of yourselves! :) Here's hoping all works out with the family. :)

You're a good, good woman, and are setting a great example for those kiddos. :)

cat said...

I really hope it works out. In general Labs love company. It might be better for them to meet on "neutral ground" as labs can be territorial, like a park and then go "home" together.

Jamie said...

I hope that it works out with the new family!!!! Every animal deserves a good home!!!