Monday, October 20, 2008


Gavin Alexander should be here TODAY! We're soo excited! My sister may be a bit more excited b/c i think she's ready to have the baby! Of course, we are so ready for another baby in the family..and of course a boy makes it so exciting!

P.S. i just snooped(called the hospital b/c she wouldn't answer her phone)...something ONLY a sister can do..and she is actually IN THE HOSPITAL! SO THAT should be ANY time now! OOOO I CANT WAIT!


Gibson Twins said...

You are too funny :) I would have done the same thing though! My sisters are all younger (20, and the youngest two are 12) so I know I will annoy the crap out of them so badly that they won't even tell me when they're due- but then again by that time I may grow up :)

Annie said...

I hope everything goes well and you hold Gavin soon.

God bless your nephew.

Thanks for your comments, and the girls feel much better.

rachael said...

how exciting!!!

Jamie said...

WOO HOO!!!! Keep us updated!! can't wait to hear all about him!!!!