Monday, October 06, 2008

progress on the fence...updated-fence complete!

Today is going to be some major progress on the fence.  They put the big boards up on Sat.  Sheesh, that took ALL day!  Now, today is just putting up boards and making sure the fence is even!  Hopefully today or tomorrow we'll have a complete fence.  That'll be good.  Last night we let Sugar out and forgot.  Luckily she didn't go far.  She was roaming in the next door neighbors yard.  When we finally realized it, she came right to me!  WHEW!  On top of getting a new fence, we've kinda inherited a homeless dog.  I'm a SUCKER for feeding homeless dogs.  UGH!  So, i've been feeding this homeless dog and now he won't go away.  He gets right into the backyard b/c we don't have a fence.  He even figured out the licksit the dogs have for water.  NOW, it's going to break my heart to not feed him...but we can't have another dog..and we definitely can't have a boy dog...they pee all over everything, which drives me crazy.  On top of that, he's obviously been beat by "adults/big people".  The poor dog won't come near Paul or I, but will go straight up to the girls and let them pet him and sit by him, which scares me, but he's not nervous around i let the girls pet him and then sanitize their hands!  SOOO SAD!  He HAD to have been beat by someone.  Anyway, i'm going to have to send out an email to see if someone will take this poor dog...he can't live in my front yard & i've tried to sucker the nice sweet fence guys into taking him...but they don't have room!  UGH!
DSC02059 DSC02058 DSC02054 DSC02050 DSC02048 DSC02065


The FINISHED PRODUCT!!!  It looks SOO different...nice and clean look.  Paul is missing the nasty, rat invested greenery..i AM NOT!  I love the clean look!  I think it's awesome and soo excited.  This fence really lightened up this side of the if i could just get rid of all that icky ground cover that rats live in right where the iron gate starts, but on the inside of the fence! 



DSC02109 DSC02108


O yes and i forgot to add the pics of our "adopted dog"...i fed him once and he won't go away!  He'd now sleeping by the back door outside...and i'm heart broken b/c we just can't keep him.  I will continue to feed him until we find him a good home though.  He is SOOO good with the girls...just a bit scared of Paul and I! 

DSC02100 He looks like he's part chow(b/c of his purple tongue) and part golden retriever..he's soo sweet!  He even learned to use the dogs licksit already!  VERY VERY SMART DOG! 



Annie said...

That's a big fence. Excellent job.


Jamie said...

That fence looks GREAT!!!! I bet you're glad to have it DONE!!! And that puppy is so cute! I hope you're able to find him a good home! Maybe you could try a listing in the pets section of your craigs list. I know many people have luck with getting the word out there!!!

BoufMom9 said...

WOW! It looks just FANTASTIC (and HUGE!!!)
Love the new "baby". Very cute!

ps I have given you an award. :)
It will be posted on Thursday.