Thursday, October 30, 2008

On the way BACK TO H-TOWN!!!

We are on the way back home..but decided to make this trip a 2 day ordeal both right now we are in Norman, OK at a very nice FANCY Embassy Suites! Talking about living the high life..this place is NICE! Just as nice as the hotel we stayed at in SA back when the babies were BABIES and we needed to take our first family vaca last year!'s 2 weeks old and everything is crispy clean and you don't have to even think about any dirty anything. LOVE IT! BUT, the real reason i'm writing is b/c i've had a few funnies that i'd like to write about.

ONE, WHAT WOULD A TEN DOLLAR BILL REALLY MEAN TO YOU??? Here's a VERY VERY FUNNY STORY.. Hannah had to go to the potty while ago. #2..and this DOES acutally mean something. We were down at the MANAGERS reception, which included gold fish, gardettos, pretzels and a few other cracker type appetizers..that i don't really consider to actually be APPETIZERS. BUT, either way, they had FREE DRINKS! NOW, who could pass up free drinks after being in the car for 4-5 hours and ready to pull my hair out, on top of having a horrific sinus infection, which entailed lots of snot, plugged up ears and lots of stuffiness!!??? SO, we went and enjoyed the gold fish, FREE drinks and ordered some dinner to go along with all that. We were having a great time and Hannah had to potty. SO, i walked her on over to the potty, which was BRAND NEW! Anyway, she pottied and the toilet had one of those automatic flush toilets. WELL, as you would have it, i was wiping her butt, holding a 10.00 dollar bill(b/c i was getting ready to get MORE drinks and needed money for a tip) and low and behold, the toilet flushed and my $10.00 bill went slushing around in the i quickly( i mean one second) decided whether it was REALLY worth grabbing the darn thing that had fallen into the poop laced toilet..or just let it go DOWN!? Needless to say we aren't that rich..not even I grabbed the poopy 10.00 bill and ran to the sink with it. YEP, my hand WAS laced in poo...but what was my other option...let the darn thing flush down the toilet. I mean talking about literally flushing money down the toilet!!!!! LOL! SO, it's now in our bathroom on the counter washed with soap and hot water. I wonder if i could NUKE it and not actually BURN the money??? Yeah, i'm STILL laughing and giggling b/c i truly stuck my hand in some poo..but what were my other options??? SO, take that you rich people...I STUCK MY HAND IN POOP TO SAVE MY 10.00 bill! AND, NOPE, we're NOT RICH..and NOT EVEN CLOSE! Back in the old days...pre-kids...i'm pretty sure i would have literally flushed it down the pooper. BUT, fast foward 10 years...i wouldn't dream of flushing a 10.00 bill. That's a LOT of money..a few starbucks drinks, a cute dress for one of my children, a cute toy, some lipstick OR TEN ITEMS at the dollar bins at TARGET! :)

NOW, one other funny, since i'm really in a funny/happy mood. The other day i was on the way to pick Hannah up from school. I had the girls ready to go and i was talking to melody on the phone. BUT, for some crazy reason my brain just wasn't functioning...and i seriously loaded up the girls and back out of the driveway but couldn't find the CELL phone i was actually talking on.. YES, i'm not kidding. I had the phone UP TO MY EAR..but for some reason it didn't click and i was searching feverently for my cell phone!(I'm seriously still giggling about this one too). I FINALLY pulled back into the house..went inside and couldn't find it. I think wisper to melody..i'm loosing it and just had a blonde moment. I was searching for the cell phone that i actually had ON MY EAR! Yep, i'm LOOSING IT! :) Luckily i found it and didn't search TOO LONG! :) SO, that's my other funny for the day..i'm still trying to figure out how in the world i couldn't find the phone i was talking ON...LOL!

In other news, Pauls grandfathers funeral was very nice. I was so sad that he is gone..and so sad that the girls didn't actually ever get to meet him. BUT, as i said earlier, i know he's in a better place. He was such a sweet man..loved his solatire and loved being catholic. I have a ton of pics of family i need to add..but i'm exhausted tonight so i'll try to do it on my LIVE writer tomorrow, while we're on the road and then actually post them tomorrow when we get home.

Hope all is going well for everyone.'s been a long week. I have so much to say and all sorts of stories. BUT, my sinuses are killing ears are plugged and we're tired! SO, have a great FRIDAY/HALLOWEEN and i'll update with pics later!



BoufMom9 said...

Glad you have been able to find some really funny moments amidst all of the sadness.
I have been missing your cheerful posts, so was very happy to read your funnies.
Have a safe trip home .

cat said...

I would have sooo done the same. R10 dollers is a hundred rands here!

Annie said...

hello, Brenda. Really you made me laugh a lot, definitely funny moments.


Lisa & Gerald said...

You are to funny girl hope you feel better real soon what a silly sickie heheheeheheh

Barbara Manatee said...

Oh my!!! What funny stories. Yick on the money one, but I might have done the same thing. The cell phone though? Cracking up over that one!! Just don't lose your glasses now (while you're wearing them! haha!)