Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Festival/Halloween Festival 2008!

There are lots of differences in a year. I'm sure i'll say it 1000 times this year. Last year, we had the girls in the wagon. This year, we let the girls roam. They had a blast. I had to go early to work a booth for an hour..and then Paul brought the girls up to hang out and play all the games. We ate, played, danced, jumped in the jumpy thing, and i bid on some things in a silent auction(a first for me)! Of course it was like ebay and everyone went running one minute before the end to bid on the auction prizes! DARN! Either way, you can tell the girls had a blast, despite NOT having a nap today at ALL! :) Ahh...the fun of children missing naps x's 2! You don't really think about THAT when you think of having twins.

The little stage where everyone was dancing


The man sitting on the edge in the black is Father Clint...he was dressed as Elvis. Too funny! Hannah is dressed as the candy corn..but had to wear a t-shirt underneath b/c it was itching her neck.


Mommy and the twins on the dance floor. I was in the usual position. This floor is where i sit, every Mon, We & Fri with the girls while Hannah prays with the rest of the kidos at school. I try to keep the girls calm for the whole 5 minutes..sometimes i end up walking out carrying 2 kids however i can. Sometimes that involves carrying them as they are hanging & screaming from my arms, just to make it out the door w/o too much embarassment!


Hannah's best friend Lilly! She's so cute and very sweet!



DSC02442This is my favorite pic below. Pauls behind didn't fit in the train...LOL! I was rolling the entire time. I don't think there were many men that actually brought themselves to get in this make shift train...but Paul did! HA HA!






Annie said...

I like Hanna's costume, it's so cute. I don't see you dancing, Brenda?


Harris Boys said...

does look like the girls had a blast...great pics brenda! the boys just had their fall festival too...we had a ball.

Hope you guys have a great monday! xoxo

Lisa & Gerald said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time!

Jamie said...

Love the train picture!! Thats too cute!! What a daddy won't do for his little girl!!!!

Looks like you had fun!

BoufMom9 said...

Adorable pictures! I LOVE the girls' green tops! What brand???

Hannah is the most adorable candy corn I have ever seen!!!!

Melissa said...

Great photos. I just wanted to delurk and say hi. I think we have some things in common...I was married Sep. 2003, gave birth to a daughter in 2005, then twins in early 2007. :)