Friday, October 10, 2008

Lots of first's-BUT, this is not the one a mother ever wants

I'm talking about the day your daughters Pre-K teacher calls because she wants to have a parent teacher conference!  WHAT???  Seriously, what can a pre-k teacher really say about a child?  I just didn't think i'd have to deal with this one soo soon.  You can't imagine how upset it really makes a mother!  My belly is in knots and i'm upset, mad, worried and everything else.  Sheesh what can i say...i truly thought IF there was a problem, shouldn't i get some kind of fore-warning??  I get all her paperwork, look over it everyday and have never found a sad face..or anything other than happy faces and positive words.  Why did it take her teacher TWO months to tell me there was a problem?  THEN, on top of that, she said we need to meet soon, but the soonest i can meet is THURSDAY!?  WHAT?  Anyway, i'm so upset.  It stings, when it's your child, it stings BAD!  You think your child is the sweetest and smartest in her class(of course ever mom things that).  BUT, when you find out otherwise, what do you say?  How do you act?  I cried and cried...and i was soo angry! 


Anyway, i guess it's a small problem that CAN be fixed with a little work at home.  BUT, i'm so mad that her teacher looks me in the face EVERYDAY and has never said ANYTHING TO ME BEFORE!  Why hasn't she pulled me aside and said "Hannah's not doing as well as i'd like".  Nothing negative, just a warning.  SOMETHING would have been nice! 


Paul will go with me NEXT THURSDAY to meet with her.  I will have to remain calm, since this lady will be teaching my sweet baby for the next 7 months.  I don't want to explode on her and her take it out on Hannah. 


I'm in major denial.  I feel like she's learning a TON.  She is recognizing her letters, writing her name, knows all sorts of prayers, and i could go on and on.  Sheesh, it's not like she's in high school getting ready for college or anything.  I did know she'd be a bit behind b/c of her age and birthday!  But, i thought that was why i had her in school.  To have the one on one help that she needed to stay up to par with the older kidos. 


I guess i'll know more Next Thursday, since it's soo important and taking her soo long to meet with me! Confused


Cheryl Lage said...

Are you sure that she isn't meeting with ALL the parents? Every year since our kids began school (pre-k included) the teachers have ALWAYS asked for parent-teacher conferences with ALL the parentes -- just to update you and let you know all that is going on in the classroom.

Even if that is not the case, please try not to worry...all will be resolved. :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Did she give you an indication of what the issue was? That is too bad that she waited so long to say anything. Hope the meeting goes ok!

jay_say said...

I can hear how upset you are... but maybe your worries are taking over. Maybe the teacher just sees some minor concerns. Have you had a conference yet this year? I know we have conferences with students every quarter. The teacher wouldn't have said its urgent then not schedule it for a week. I know we as teachers ave lots of meetings to fit into our schedule but don't mention it's urgent then. Just remember to go in with a clear mind.

Barbara Manatee said...

Ps...I just tagged you on my blog!

Jamie said...

Its so hard to here there might be something up with your kiddo. I DREAD answering the phone when its the kid's school. Because usually its either that someone is sick, something is wrong, or someone is in trouble. Luckily this year, and gabe's teacher have kind of changed that, but yeah, I feel for ya!

I agree with Cheryl. Some teachers just meet with everyone, and maybe this was just her way of giving you the heads up to say "we're going to want some help to work on this" that way you were't caught off guard, and had some time to think of ways to help before going in.

I hope the meeting goes well, and that its just the teachers way of helping your daughter in the best way they can!!!!