Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Pool in the Middle of My Kitchen

This morning was crazy.  The girls are all a bit on the sick side.  Not horribly sick, but a bit snotty along with a small cough.  SO, this morning i was rushing to get everyone up and ready.  As i was getting Sarah's hair fixed my sneaky middle daughter(because she IS technically my first born twin, which would make her my middle daughter) was having a pool party in the middle of my kitchen.  As i came around the corner of the kitchen i knew something just wasn't right.  She was standing there crying and soaking wet.  Here is what i found:

DSC02347 DSC02348 DSC02349

Just in case you were wondering what my kitchen looked like(you can't tell because it's slate..but the entire kitchen was pretty much wet and i was very thankful for the fact that we have rough floor that aren't slippery and definitely NOT wood):

DSC02350 DSC02351 DSC02352

This is what my children do as soon as i accidentally forget to LOCK the fridge water button for TWO MINUTES down pat.  I swear they sit there and wait for the second i forget to lock the fridge and turn my head.  I WILL catch those little sneakers in the midst of un-organized water play sooner or later...and someone will be punished(and sit in time out for two whole minutes). 

On the funny side of things..the sweet baby really was trying to help out.  This is what i found as she ran to the table crying, as she was soo proud of herself for getting everyone a glass of water:

DSC02353 DSC02354

Wasn't my baby sweet?  To get in trouble for making sure her and her sisters all had a nice big glass of water! :)  And what was really funny...she didn't actually make that big of a mess getting the water out of the fridge since she is already such a pro.  She got drenched as she walked all the way over to the table to put the water on top of the table all organized in a row.  She makes me so proud!  :) 


On another note: please pray for Pauls grandfather.  He has been moved over to a new nursing facility and has pneumonia.  He just wasn't acting right yesterday and they took him over to the hospital for some x-rays.  He is doing better this morning, thank goodness.  We are all praying that he gets better and gets over his pneumonia quickly. 


Jamie said...

Awww! What a sweetie! Those are the moments where you really want to be upset, but you can't be because they were just trying to be nice!!!

I'll send some prayers your way for Pauls grandpa.

Annie said...

Sometimes we get mad but they are trying to do things by themselves. Is fun to see our children learn the hard way. Our babies are growing too fast :(

Thank you for your comment in my blog and for your friendship.

Barbara Manatee said...

awww...trying to be such a big girl! Hope the mess wasn't too bad to clean up. At least it was only water!! nothing sticky, oily or gooey! haha! (Mine almost dropped a glass bottle of red wine vinegar the other day...thank GOODNESS I caught it before it slipped out of his hands completely.) Then the next day...J dropped our glass blender on the floor...no margaritas for us!! :-(

Harris Boys said...

aww that is so sweet...even though she was drenched and so was your floor. thank goodness it was only water. my boys can't reach the water quite yet...they sure do try though.

cat said...

Such a cute post. Shame mommy - she was tyring to be a good girl.

BoufMom9 said...

LOL Sneaky little girlies. LOL

Praying for Paul's grandfather.

jay_say said...

Just checking in on you. I know you mentioned that you had a parent teacher conference yesterday. How did it go?