Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Gavin Is here!

I didn't get to talk to my sister, but Baby Gavin IS HERE! He's safe and sound and everything is going just fine. I THINK he was born around 530p this afternoon. I didn't get all the specifics..but he's
18.5 inches
7.3 lbs

and i forgot to ask if he had any hair??? OMG, a baby boy to add to our family! POOR BABY...has no idea what's in store for him... 4 girls and HIM! LOL! I laugh just thinking about what my girls and Allison are going to do to that poor baby boy. He's going to end up in dress up clothes and lots of make-up! LOL! OK, so hopefully NOT, but we'll see!

Other than that, i don't have many details. Jeff called around 6pish to tell us the exciting news! I'm headed down there tomorrow after Hannah's jump rope for heart fund raiser at school! I can't WAIT to see him and hold him...and you know, give him back to his MAMA when he cries! LOL!!!

CONGRATS to my sweet sister & her wonderful husband Jeff and of course, my precious little Niece Allison! We are soo excited for ya'll & so happy he's healthy and everything went well! It's been roller coaster for them and we're glad it's over and baby Gavin is here and doing well! I will have lots of pics tomorrow after i go visit.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Tell your sis congrats for me! Best Wishes to her little family!

Missy said...

Tell your sis Congratulations!!!! And you are right - I can totally see him being dressed up by 4 girls in his future!

rachael said...

congratulations and a big welcome to the world for gavin!

Jamie said...


Annie said...

Congratulations to your sister.

Oh, poor Gavin, only boy and 4 girls, he need to survive to all the things that the girls were going to do to him.

Enjoy your nephew.