Sunday, October 12, 2008

My little dirty secrets...

Barbara's sister recently found a book called Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile. The general premise of the book is: "...Every good mom has a few Dirty Little Secrets that help her...get by....the indulgences we rely on in times of need, the shortcuts we take when no one's looking (showers are overrated!), and our real, honest thoughts about motherhood and family... know you're not alone." . I have not read this book myself...but now i'm definitely going to have to go check on amazon and see if i can find it. It sounds like a funny book that i'd enjoy reading...although i have yet to finish "Ready or not, there we go", just yet. Yeah, that's how much time I HAVE these days. SO, with all that being said, here are just a few of my DIRTY SECRETS...GO AHEAD AND Giggle...i'm not bashful.

1. Sometimes, when i get lazy, i throw all my clothes into the washer together...don't seperate a thing. Sometimes it's OK, sometimes i end up ruining something.

2. My girls get a bath every few nights..i make sure they get a bath the night before the twins go to MDO...Poor Hannah has to go to school dirty every other day. Now, if THAT'S not a dirty little secret, i don't know WHAT is! LOL!

3. There are days i'd like to crawl in a hole and just sleep all day. Most of those days are the days i just can't make the girls happy for the life of me. These days normally include a LOT of crying and stress. On those days i dream about working a normal job. Of course there are days that make THOSE DAYS worth while...those days include lots of giggling, hugging, kissing and NO BITING!

4. Since Paul gets up so early in the morning naturally. Sometimes when the girls get up and i hear them crying for me...i cover my head with my pillow and let him get them out of bed while i lay there for a extra few minutes before i get up to start the day.

5. I always have one little pile of "STUFF" on the counter..and when we have company i shove it in any drawer i can find that it will fit into. I don't think Pauls ever known me NOT to have that pile. Why i can't find a drawer to put it in..i'm not sure. Perhaps b/c if i put it in a drawer, i'd forget about it and the things i NEEDED to do that were in that pile, would NEVER get done.

Ok, now that i've confessed a FEW of my little dirty's your turn.

I'm tagging a few of my blogging buddies...but the more that play, the better. AND, if you are as bad as me and don't get around to doing big deal. I'm REALLY BAD at doing tags most of the time...Maybe that's another dirty secret i should have revealed. :)


THERE YOU GO. SO go have some fun and tag more friends who can air some dirty secrets! :) I FEEL MUCH BETTER NOW THAT I'VE AIRED MINE!



Barbara Manatee said...

Oh my....we have piles on our counter, too! We're both bad, but I try to sort through mine a bit more often than the hubby does...

rachael said...

ooh, i love it! i also have days when i could just crawl in bed and stay there all day!

Jamie said...

Fun! I'll play! Just gotta get it posted!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Love It!

Annie said...

Hi Brenda, I was very busy with the birthday party but I'm back. I like your "dirty secrets" they are very funny.

I am making a list of my own and I will post it soon.


Gibson Twins said...

Your answers are hilarious!! Reminds me so much of me too!

I'm with you on the pile on the counter. I seem to never get rid of that one stack of "stuff". I pick it up, lysol underneath and put it right back down- how stinking pathetic!

I sort laundry by whose it is. Goes something like: Daddy's dress work clothes, baby clothes, baby linens. I don't know how to do it any other way unfortunately!