Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Bathroom

The bathroom is "officially" finished. That means the last guy with the city came to sign the papers and it's a done deal. We paid John the last of his money today and i will never again have to deal with people coming in and out of my house! HALLELUIA! I'm so happy. I can't even remember what it was like to not have someone in the house. Now all we really have left are the finishing touches(knobs for the cabinets, hang the towel holders by the vanity and nail down the nails that are still kinda poking up out of the carpet in the closet(yes, Paul, hint hint)! :) Then later on we need to get some sort of organizational system in the closet and something in the bathroom above the toilet like we had at the old house where you can put things up above the toilet. Those are all things that we'll do down the road...not really that motivated after waiting a year to get our bathroom. I was just thinking back on when it started and how the first contractor really still makes me so mad. I still look back and can't believe Paul kinda risked himself getting caught "stealing from Lowes" because of that stupid contractor. That story in a nutshell is that Israel kept saying we had to have the tub over and over. Well it took a while b/c we had to order it. It came in a couple of days late and then Paul went to pick it up and that have all these stupid regulations about receipts etc. To make a long story short after Paul had been sitting around waiting forever the guy had said he had to go back to the other side of the store to get another copy of the receipt signed...Paul was furious and took the tub and threw it in the back of the truck and left. We didn't literally steal it...Paul just wasn't going to sit around and wait and wait for those slackers to come back. :) Needless to say we didn't go back there for a while...

Here's a quick funny story. Hannah had taken all the girls toys and put them in one of those huge clear boxes that i had in the living room blocking the girls in their play area. Well Sam kept leaning over the box trying to reach the toys even though it was really deep and she couldn't really reach much. Well the next thing you know she had went head first into the box and was upside down with her legs flailing everywhere while her head was laying on the toys. It was hilarious and she didn't cry...i took a pic of her after she managed to sit up in the toys...i'll attach it later.

Gotta run and check the girls...they are being way to quiet in the bedroom with Hannah.