Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here are some great pics!

Here is a cute pic of the girls on Hannah's chair! The love crawling up on it and diving down! The problem is that they are now going over the arms of the chair and they chair can flip over that way. Isn't that a precious smile!!!
Sam goes in circles and circles around her stand up toy...
SOO CUTE...both fell asleep in their bouncy's after i fed them! This is the first time they have slept in their bouncy seats! AMAZING!
Hannah posing with the girls sleeping! Notice: her shirt is on backwards...i'm sure her shorts are too. She's going through this backwards phase right now...she wears her shoes on the wrong feet...even put her jeans on backwards the other day!
Gosh...Sam has a smile that goes from ear to ear...can they get any cute??? I don't think so!

Sugar was a bit paranoid about being surrounded by babies!
Hannah with her bucket hat on...posing for the camera!

What a precious smile!

The girls are getting so big. I can't believe they are almost 10 months!

Well, the garage sale is this weekend. I can't wait to get rid of all my stuff and i'm looking forward to having a bit of spending money so we can go shopping for Hannah's new bedroom set! She said the other day she wanted to paint her room upstairs ORANGE...i mean bright halloween orange. I just don't think that's going to happen. I'm sure she'll change her mind or forget soon!


The Pruetz Family said...

Love those smiles!