Thursday, October 11, 2007

What the girls have been doing these days...

Sarah is waving bye bye and Hi! She can do it with both hands...and does it with both when she gets really excited. Samantha is climbing like a monkey. Yeah...sounds advanced to me..but she will crawl up on the bouncy chair and jump off. THEN she'll crawl up on Hannah's Anywhere chair and jump around and then DIVE off the chair head first. Say a prayer that the pillows don't ever dissapear from underneath the chair and she dive. Normally i make sure the pillow's are there...but every once in a while Ms. Hannah will take them to lay on...O dear we could be in trouble. Anyway the girls are just getting cuter & cuter by the day. They are both Mommy's girls...but Sarah tends to lean more to me and Sam likes Paul more when he's here. Both girls are pushing off and standing in one place for a good 30 seconds. I'm awaiting the first steps for both of them...i'm sure it'll come sooner or later.

Hannah is talking like a 10 year old and has the memory of a human sponge. Yeah...she can remember EVERYTHING you say. She talks about things that happened when she was a baby...Soo funny and cute. Today when i picked her up from school she grabbed her best friend Maddy and Said "I love you Maddy and I'll see you next week". I'm going to have to try to get Ms. Hannah together with Maddy more since her mama lives right over in Oak forest and her mama keeps her daily M-F.

On a last note...the girls have less that 3 months before they start MDO. I can't BELIEVE IT! My babies are spreading their wings and growing up! I'm sad but excited. I will have 2 days a week to nap, shop, nap some more and do whatever i want to do from 9-3. I may even decide to go to the YMCA for some swimming. I'm not a member but that may change.

Happy Friday!