Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Sickness in the Myers House

Gosh it doesn't seem like we can swing the sickness going around. Someone has been sick in our house for about 2 months now. It went from Hannah to the girls, to Hannah to the girls and now to Paul & I and the girls! UGH! I have felt like i've been getting sick for a little over a week and now last night it finally hit. UGH! I'm feeling pretty crappy and just seem really congested and have a frog in my throat that won't go away. Paul woke up in a coughing jag last night at 245a and didn't want to wake everyone up so he got up to work...(yep he's kinda weird like that). We have SOO many plans for the month of October so we HAVE to get well fast. This weekend we're going to the pumpkin patch at dewberry farm with Jennifer, Jeff & Allison. Next weekend my best friend from HS Katie is coming into town, the following weekend is the annual MOMS buy/sell, the following week Pauls Parents come into town and after that is Halloween. YIKES, what a month. This is really the first month since the girls were born that we've had a whole month full of things to do on the weekends!

On another note, the girls are playing more and more by themselves by the day. They can sit on the floor for a while and just play together and beat each other up. Yesterday Samantha took a bite out of Sarah. It was funny but Sarah didn't think so! :) Sarah is standing for a long time by herself now. She will just let go and stand. Samantha is not quite there yet...but they have been playing leap frog for a while so it's still a toss up as to who will take their first step first. Samantha really likes to climb into her boucy chair and stand up and hit the wall. It's really funny!

We tried to figure out why the girls are spitting up so much. I just don't think we've figured it out yet. We tried cutting back on their formula, changing nipples and neither of those really works. I'm just at a loss as to what else i can try. I sent out an email to my MOMS group and they said it could also be teething, or perhaps because they are stuffy etc. Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Please email me at my personal email if you have and suggestions.

Think that's it for now...