Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just more about the girls

Sarah is waving like crazy. She waves at you all say "Bye, bye....Sarah" and she waves. It's SOOO CUTE! Grandma just wait. By the time you get down here they MAY be walking! You are going to be SOOO excited and shocked at how different they are from when ya'll came down in June! :)

Samantha, just last night, started really moving past Sarah's progress. We have this little toy they can hold on to. She was walking around it in circles last night...over and over again. Then she'd stop for a sec and almost take a step. I think i really saw her take one..but i was probably so exited i imagined it!

On another note...the weather was just GORGEOUS yesterday! I mean sooo nice. SO, we took a blanket outside and laid in the yard with the kidos while Hannah chased Gracye around. It was a blast and i relish this time we have with this awesome weather. The girls played...ate a bit of grass and chased the puppies when they would get on the blanket and all in all the girls LOVE it outside. I just have to remember NOT to let Sam eat too much grass. A few days ago we took the girls outside and Sam ate a ton of grass...then puked up the grass along with her whole 6ounce bottle! YUCK! It was NASTY! I almost think she may have learned her lesson b/c she'd take a shred of grass...stick it in her mouth and then take it out or spit it out right after that.

Today my mission is to get Everything ready for the garage sale...I have my work cut out for me since i have sooo many clothes to sell...i await the garage sale so i can get rid of everything and take the money and buy Hannah her new BIG GIRL furniture for upstairs! YAHOO!