Sunday, October 28, 2007

Allison's 3rd Birthday party

We went to Allison's 3rd Birthday party today. Hannah had a blast. Of course we did too. Hannah probably had more fun though because she got to ride a pony, pet 3 goats, 2 tortises, a guinea pig, 2 bunnys, and a huge pig/hog. The pony ride was a blast for her and i think she had a ton of fun petting all the animals. I think we may try to do a pony ride/petting zoo ourself next year. We also took over the jumper thing we have and the kidos loved that.

The twins also had a blast. Sam really really wanted to pet the animals, but psycho clean freak mom wouldn't quite let her touch any although dad secretly let her touch that icky pig through the fence...while mom kept putting sanitizer on her hands! :)

There were tons of kids there and to be quite honest just too much going on a once for me. If i hadn't already had the girls...i would have thought twice about having another kido! LOL! Just kidding!

Here are some precious pics...first one of my favorites...all 3 girls in the bathtub for the VERY FIRST TIME! It was soo much fun for the girls!

These pictures are in no sort of order...Sorry! See note below each pic!
Hannah & Allison playing dr. & Nurse
Allison blowing out her candles
Paul, Myself and the girls...and my mom
Auntie Jennifer and Samantha

Hannah riding the pony
another pic of the hannah riding the pony
Allison riding the pony
Princess Allison! SOO CUTE!

The Myers family enjoying a nice day outside on a blanket
This is a favorite and the first bath all 3 had together!!! Don't you love the hair?
Hannah and allison on allison's 3rd birthday!
H & A in the jumper
The turtles they had for the petting the front yard at my aunt jennifers house!

Making a cake with Grandma myers...YUCKY hands!
THe cake hannah and grandma myers made! YUMMY!
Our Orange tree in the back yard! I'm sooo proud of our oranges...they should be orange in a couple more weeks!