Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some great pics as i promised!

We had a GREAT TIME TODAY! The oil ranch was a blast...and even more fun than dewberry farm! Thanks so much to grandma & grandpa myers for watching the girls for a day of fun for Ms. Hannah & Paul and I! We all really needed a "break" from the hustle & bustle of everyday life!
One last bye bye to the jumperoo i sold in the garage sale!
The girls new snow hats...too bad we don't get snow here!
Hannah's new wind jacket! She's such a poser!
One of the girls didn't like their new hair do!

Sam thought it was ok even though it didn't stay up very long!

A great pic of me & Sarah
Hannah roaming in the back yard!
Hannah & grandma cooking some cookies and a cake for the garage sale and picnic last weekend
Hannah making sure the cookies were edible! LOL!
Sarah and her cousin at the shower.

Hannah with Chuck E Cheese!

All the Myers' in the backyard!

Melody showed up at the oil ranch. Hannah loves to see Melody and Katelyn & Sydney!
Hannah at the oil ranch!
Hannah in the pumpkins
Hannah with the teletubbies! She loves these the teletubbies!
Hannah's favorite cartoon character...BARNEY!!!!

Hannah feeding the animals at the petting zoo at the oil ranch!
Hannah with the Donkeys!
Hananh swinging!
Sydney on left and Katelyn on right! They were looking so cute in their halloween outfits!
Hannah visiting with the girls!

Here are a couple of pics from the walk yesterday! The had a blast and the weather was AWESOME!!!

Sam fell asleep on the ride on the way was hilarious. I kept trying to wake her up...she just wanted to sleep!
Riding the ponies at the oil ranch! She's getting ready for Ms. Allisons 3rd bday party on Sunday!
Milking a cow...
Feeding the cow she milked...she did a great job feeding the cow!