Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Weekend

We had a really nice but busy weekend! I had the big garage sale yesterday and did really good. I THINK i may have made enough money to pay for HALF the bedroom set for Hannah...The rest i'll put on credit and pay for after the NEXT garage sale! LOL! No really, i did really good and had a great time. Some of the other MOMS received a couple of counterfeit bills and stolen clothes...all i can say is that karma will come back to bite those bad people that did that right in the Keister! I checked all my 20's and they don't seem counterfeit. I think i'm going to send them with Paul to take to work and check with his little magic pen. We'll see what happens. A few other MOMS said people stole their clothing. How can someone do something so crazy at a GARAGE SALE??? How Sad is THAT? Makes me want to pack my bags and head off to Kansas or any other small town where everyone knows everyone and the only place for teenagers to hang out is the walmart! LOL!

Friday night we took my parents to dinner and they stayed over here to watch the girls Sat morning while we went on our way to get ready and unload for the garage sale. Hannah came with us and the girls stayed with them. This was the FIRST TIME we had left mom and dad with the twins. They did GREAT. They were so excited. They fed them, changed a couple of dirty diapers and the girls seemed to have had a good time too. I was so excited!! I hope to do it again in March when we have our next garage's just so much easier if we just leave them and go unload and get going without extra babies to deal with for a few hours.

We went to one of my cousins baby showers today. It was a family thing so my mom & dad went and we took the whole brood. My cousin actually just adopted a little girl and she's only 3 months and not so little anymore. The baby is 13 lbs ALREADY! She was a little over 9 when she was she's just a big baby girl. She is soo precious and sweet. Everyone was passing her around and i didn't hear her peep once. The girls were able to meet all sorts of relatives and i got to see a few of my first cousins. It was soo much fun... The best part was they had BEER! Now where else can you go besides a "Bench" shower and have beer???

All in all we had a great weekend. It was crazy but fun. Next weekend is going to be just as crazy...Pauls parent's come in town Tuesday evening...and stay till friday. Then we have St. Rose Halloween festival Friday night, Sat is Naomi's 2nd birthday party and sunday is Allisons's 3rd Birthday party. I should have a ton more pics after this sunday. Check back for sure by then.

P.S. before i forget we had one big milestone just today. Samantha officially took TWO whole steps in a row...then she fell down! I couldn't believe it! I bet she'll be walking REALLY REALLY SOON! Congrats to my sweet baby! Who would have known the "youngest of the bunch" would take a real step before her OLDER sis! How Exciting!