Thursday, October 04, 2007

The things i've learned from having twins

I have learned there IS a way to feed to babies at once.
I have learned to hold and carry two babies at once without dropping one or both! :)
I have learned how to multitask, what i mean by this is push a stroller, walk in the mall, talk on the phone and drink coffee all at once! I made myself so proud the first time i did this! :)
I have learned how to have two babies leaning on me crawling all ontop of me and typing on the computer at the same time.
I have learned how to change diapers in a 20 sec time frame while the other twin is hanging onto my leg crying.
I have learned to calmly deal with two babies screaming at once.
I have learned that if you don't keep both babies on the same schedule you are in for one ROUGH day!
I have learned that the easiest way to calm my girls is to feed them.
I have learned that even if they are both crying bloody murder i'm still a good mom!
I have learned to not give the girls everything they want already.
I have learned that life is about ups and downs and having twins is a good mixture of both but that i AM blessed TWICE by having two although sometimes i don't think i feel that way.
I have learned to deal with people staring at the girls and commenting about them and that if they same something rude it's just ignorance on their part.
I have learned to eat as fast as some of the guys that enter contests for eating. :) I just don't eat as MUCH! LOL!
I have learned that if one child is sick...don't even both trying to keep the other one well...she'll get sick sooner or later. It's almost better to get her sick ASAP and get it over with otherwise it'll take forever for everyone to get over it!
I have learned that sleep is a luxury and one day i will get an entire night from 9p-8a full of sleep.
I have learned that when they say "terrible twos" they really mean Terrible THREES!
I have learned that spanking really doesn't do any have to find a way to hurt their feelings.
I have learned not to teach your 3 year old how to answer the phone otherwise she'll answer it when your are unaware and tell the person on the phone that you are pooping. :)
I have learned to let the girls fight their own battles until i see someone with a hand full of hair...then i stop the fighting.
I have learned that alcohol really doesn't do me any good when i've had a crappy day....because then i get a headache and still have to deal with crying babies the next day.
I have learned that although Hannah didn't have many dirty diapers a day...not all babies are the same and the twins can have as many as 6 or 7 dirty diapers a day...EACH!
I have learned to take things with a grain of salt...keep calm at all times...and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I have learned that there is no point in putting things back in place until the end of the day...the minute i clean it up it will be dirty again...and the minute the cleaning lady leaves the girls will puke on the floor.
I have learned to put everything up high enough that Hannah can't reach it even with a stool...otherwise she will find it and get into it...even if i've told her not to touch it a million times.
Last but not least i have learned to take a deep breath when things get bad and know that everyday is one day closer to them understanding me when i threaten them! :)