Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our weekend and last week

We have been busy these days. Last night we went to Hannah's Halloween carnival at st. rose. It was big fun and definitely geared towards her age children! What fun! Hannah also got to hang out with and play with her friends from MDO who will most likely be her classmates next year!

Today i finally had time to sit down and look at this darn Red Light Camera Ticket i received in the mail. I just couldn't figure it could i run a red light and not even be able to remember doing it. SO, i looked again. Finally things are coming to me. It was NOT me that ran the light. Paul did. We were on our way to the pumpkin patch and sure enough he blew right through the light. It was more of a yellow/red than anything...but what are you going to do? Paul and i can't figure out why these darn vandals that are normally around town haven't gotten some black spray paint and covered the lens up. LOL...just kidding! Nice people like us never ever have bad thoughts! :)

Today we have Naomi's 2nd bday party down the street at Amy's house. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun. They borrowed our jumpy thing for the party so i'm sure the kidos will have a blast. We have definitely gotten our money out of it.

Tomorrow is Allison's 3rd birthday party and that should also be a blast! They are going out all with pony rides and a petting zoo! WAY FUN! Too bad big people don't get to ride! :)

Next week my girl friend from HS is coming in to visit. She has a business meeting in Texas City so she's going to make a weekend of it and come visit her God Daughters and hang out with yours truly! I'm really looking forward to it. This may be the last time i see her for a while. Hopefully next year sometime i can go back to Louisville and hang with her.

Anyway i'm getting ready to load more pics. Stay tuned in another day or two and i should have them up!

O yeah my friend Amy(Naomi's mom) needs some prayers sent her way. She is 30 weeks pregnant and has been having contractions...she is now on every week appts to make sure nothing happens in the next few weeks! Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers!