Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fighting, fighting and MORE fighting

I probably have to seperate the girls 15xs a day. They fight and fight all day. If they are not fighting, they are pulling each other down and hitting their heads on the ground. UGH! I spank and flick Sarah's hands all day long b/c she just won't stop the hair grabbing. Poor Sam doesn't know how to defend herself so she just sits there and crys. It's so sad...and i don't know how to stop Sarah from doing it. She's definitely the more agressive one of the two. She will do whatever she can to do whatever you tell her NO about and then look at you and smile while she's doing it. What to do...i don't really know.

The found this new game to play...Sam crawls up on top of Hannah's "anywhere chair" and dives off...i think i may have already blogged about it before but it's SOOO funny! UNTIL Sam took a dive onto her face and the pillows that are normally down there were gone. OOPS! She hit the floor....but with the sponge things it wasn't too bad.

On another note...we're trying to get some tenative plans together for Paul, Hannah & I, while Pauls parents are down here next week. I had thougth and planned on going to schlitterbahn...but it's closed during the week. SHUCKS! We may just take Hannah to chuck e cheeses and maybe to a movie. I'm not quite sure yet.