Friday, November 28, 2008

When i should be making out xmas cards..

I'm attaching the CUTEST little video of my big girl in her very first Thanksgiving Program at school!

Hannah is on the very right!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving & a Happy LATE Birthday to Grandpa Myers!

Despite all the sickness STILL going around..and believe ME, there is still LOTS of sickness.  I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  I'm very thankful for having such a wonderful family and 3 very beautiful, healthy, sweet babies!

Here are a few pics from Hannah's Thanksgiving day/Grand Parents day program at school!  It was such a wonderful day and Hannah as well as all the children at school did SOO well. 


This was at parents came to join us, since it was a Grandparents celebration!


Hannah right under he exit sign


All the kidos sitting down waiting to sing.


Hannah all ready to go..i made her leave her hair down and she looked like a little angel!


Look how LONG her hair is now!  It's soo pretty!


My mom & Dad with the twins at the program!  Sarah on my moms lap..Sam on my dads.  The were actually fighting over who was going to sit on my moms lap..even though they were yelling PA PA, PA PA!


One more serious little girls!


Hannah after she finished up her program!


On the stage singing..i have a video to upload today!


Another pic..Hannah is on the very right when your looking at the pic.


Hannah & her good friend Olivia..She will be 5 this upcoming week!


Mom & Dad in Hannah's they got all dressed up after the program


Hannah & her turkey hat..SOO cute


Hannah getting her turkey wings on..


The finished product..


A "ALL GIRLS" shot..Hannah, Sophia, Mattie & Olivia


A back is joining in on the right..they are all soo precious!


Happy thanksgiving..& HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO Grandpa Myers..OOPS...We totally missed that one.  I guess our only excuse is that our house is full of sick babies and it just totally slipped our minds!  Either way, we love you and hope you had a happy birthday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This week has been crazy and exhausting!

I don't think I've updated since I first posted that Sarah was sick.  Well now Hannah is sick..but I think she's getting over it.  Sam was sick but seems to be getting over it too.  Sarah just seems to have had it the worst of the three.  She was puking a LOT.  Then she had finally gotten better and didn't puke Monday night.  THEN last night she was getting into her high chair and fell backwards and hit her head HARD on the floor.  As i was consoling, her she puked ALL OVER ME!  I mean, it could have been on the records as the most puke I've ever had on my body!  YUCK-E!  POOR Sarah.  I didn't know what to do.  I was kinda torn b/c i felt like if we had gone to the ER, b/c they always say if a person hits their head and pukes you NEED to go to the ER, BUT, I'm sure this was a case in it's own b/c she had also been getting over the nasty bug that hit her last Friday.  SO, i chose not to go sit in the line at TCH(Texas Children's Hosp.) b/c she's contaminated enough and i also don't want to contaminate anymore kidos that are already sick!  SO, we waited it out.   In the mean time, Melody, my good friend and twin mommy called, b/c her mom had cut her finger really bad and she lives by me so she wanted to see if i knew of any ER clinics around our area.  SO, as i was talking to her i told her about our little incident..she told me Sydney had done the SAME thing and that they just waited it  out b/c they didn't feel like she really needed to go to the ER.  Ahh, Relief!  SO, we waited it out...and i've assumed her belly is just really sensitive due to all the puking.  SO, last night i was up half the night checking on her to make sure i could wake her up, etc.  She's fine, just a bit tired. 

Even though everyone was sick, i have been taking them all out for some fresh air.  And yesterday as i was standing there watching them, I got all giddy because they were all three SOO cute playing together so nicely.  They were sitting in the MIDDLE of our backyard with chairs and a table drinking some "TEA".   The best part was that it really hit me..they are ALL three going to be SOO close to one another.  I know some days are really stressful and not so much fun..and it's really really hard when they are all three sick at the same time.  BUT, goodness, it's SOO cute, when they are all playing together like sisters.  I always wish i had two sisters that i had been close to..unfortunately things don't always work out that way for some families.  I've said it before and I'll say it over and over...i WILL MAKE My baby girls be friends.  They will NOT be like i have been with my sister.  I will intervene and make sure it just doesn't happen.  I just couldn't sit back and watch these three beautiful girls fight like cats and dogs and not jump in and make them love each other.  I think this all hits me hard b/c we're missing thanksgiving and i'm not THAT sad...b/c i do have my own family now and i'm not even sure I'd be that excited about going to my sisters fancy new house for dinner, when i'd be worried about a child sneaking out their back door and drowning..or pulling any of her glass pieces down on them and hurting themselves.  Anyway, i also know that friends come and go...and sisters are truly sisters forever, whether they like it or not.  SO it's easier for everyone around if they all get along like sisters! :) 

Of course, what would a post be w/o here are some. 


Bored on the holiday we painted!  I had never been brave enough to let the twins paint...they really liked it and did SOO well!


Hannah painting!  See what i one looks very healthy in our house right now. 


The house of sickness and covers/towels all over the house. 


Hannah was NOT happy about me taking pics..this day was a pajama day!


Sarah is HER pj's too! 


What do you feed sick babies..LOTS OF popsicles and jello!  Thank goodness they like both1


And of course..chicken noodle soup, which they don't like very much.


Look at that bed head!!  LOL!


Hannah and her popsicle..she LOVES them!


Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


It's been one yucky day in our house.  I've never seen so many sick poor puking babies in my life.  WOW..this DOES indeed take the cake.  Sarah was sick and feeling better...i had a small ounce of hope that all would be and stay well..until i find Hannah with puke all over herself, sitting on the floor in the middle of the living room.  SO, i thought i can deal with one at a time.  THEN i kept thinking..if they all just get sick and then get it all over with, we'll be better, faster.  THEN, Sam just started puking out of the blue...I mean soo much i can't even explain, nor do you honestly really want to hear about the whole ordeal!  It was YUCK-E!  I mean soo bad.  THEN, Paul started to feel bad..and had me get him a bucket, just in case. 


Anyway, i'm exhausted and need to get some sleep before i get woken up.  We're all playing musical beds right now.  Sarah went back to her OWN bed tonight, Sam is with Paul and i'm with Hannah on the couch.  It's just easier for each one of us to take care of our own child.  I honestly don't know how trip or quad parents do it with soo many kids the same age.  I'm loosing my sanity with my 2 - almost 2 year olds and 4 year old.  POOR BABIES..I FEEL SOO BAD FOR ALL OF THEM!

Poor Sarah..AND HANNAH!

Sarah is still pretty sick..i'm still crossing my fingers that no one else gets this YUCKY YUCKY bug!  It's really really BAD!  Either way, that's life around here with three kidos!  I feel bad for the girls because i really wanted to have a fun week of play dates and getting out with them.  Not going to be the case this week.  Poor Hannah is stuck in the house on her week off.  Other than hanging out at home playing outside by ourselves..we're not going to do much.  Hopefully we'll all be back to 100% by the weekend.


UPDATE: I guess since i haven't posted this yet..POOR Hannah has it too!  I was talking on the phone to my sister and i turn around to see my daughter covered in vomit!  Poo baby..just didn't have time to let me know.  What a YUCKY BAD Virus!  I almost want to have Hannah lick Sam so she gets it over and done with!  I mean, why draw this out any longer than we need to..RIGHT?


What a yucky house to come home to...Everyone is sick!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Austin Trip & My poor husbands weekend!


First of all, i had a great trip to Austin..until i called my hubby this morning and my big girl told me: "Sarah was REALLY sick!"  I could NOT believe it.  I leave for the weekend to find out my hubby had been home with one sick baby that was puking up her guts all weekend long.  POOR BABY!  I felt soo bad.  Poor Sarah pretty much got sick the minute i drove out of Houston.  She was up all night Friday night and then Sat afternoon and then last night again.  I'm guessing she had some sort of virus that lasted a few days.  I feel horrible that my poor hubby had to stay home all by himself AND take care of one sick child(so Far)! 


Today since i've been home Sarah's been pretty lethargic..but drinking water and had a whole piece of bread.  The other girls haven't gotten it yet, but i have a feeling it's only within time.  It's very weird to come home after being gone for two days and see my normally loud child laying on the couch.  I guess i'm glad for everyone's sake, that Paul didn't tell me Sarah was sick and that Hannah didn't rat Paul out!  LOL! 


Anyway, i had a great trip.  I met up with my girlfriend, Katie, in Austin Friday afternoon, went shopping and down to sixth street.  Then we went bar hopping and then got back to our hotel around midnight.  Saturday we got up at 9:30AM and laid around until check out time of 11am!  THEN we went down to eat lunch in the arts district and then to my hotel, where we hung out in the hot tub and just talked.  Around 3:00P, it was time for Katie to go home...i always hate to say goodbye to Katie!  BUT, she left and i took a nice long nap and then went and ate dinner and had a few drinks.  It was SOO quiet..almost TOO quiet.  I missed my girls a ton but i think i needed the quiet time.  THANKS Paul, for not only taking care of my precious little girls..BUT, cleaning up puke for two whole days and nights..AND accepting a sleeping guest in our bed(Sarah, LOL).  Since Sarah was so sick, Paul took her into his bed and didn't think twice.  What  a sweet hubby!


Katie w/her lone star beer!


Katie & I on 6th street!


One more shot..


This pic looks weird...i'm seriously not that's the shirt!


Not sure what Katie is doing here..i'm sure it had something to do with the club being soo empty and all our little inside jokes!


the BARBER SHOP...the club with the mean DJ that totally ignored us!


Of course i had to try out the dryer too!  LOL!


the hot tub at the Hilton..that pool and hot tub were awesome!  Except for the goofy guy who came in later and just laid down on the chair and covered himself up with a towel to take a nap.  WEIRD!  VERY WEIRD!



Close up..

just so sad katie had to leave..and just as sad that paul had to take care of my sick kido this weekend all alone.  POOR GUY!


Thursday, November 20, 2008


I leave for my first trip EVER, away from the girls. I've left Hannah a few times..but not more than a handful and no more than a day or maybe two.

BUT tomorrow i'm leaving to Austin. I'm meeting up with my girlfriend Katie, Friday. After Hannah's Thanksgiving day program. THEN, she's leaving Saturday night and i have my OWN hotel room for the entire night. ALL BY MYSELF! Now kids screaming at 4am, no getting up until i feel like getting up, i can drink till i puke..and swim in a heated pool all by myself..not worried about a kido falling in or drowning!! It's going to be weird! VERY WEIRD!

I'm sad that Paul won't be coming along..but one day we'll be able to take a vacation together.

I'm excited but worried i'll feel weird and empty with no children for two whole days! YIKES! What am i going to do! I bet shopping will relieve all the worries!

So, for now...adios and i'm sure i'll be adding pics soon. Hannah's thanksgiving program is tomorrow and so i'll have tons of pics to add.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I received an award...THANKS TO DEBI!


"Diverting the internal traffic between the Writer as Angel of Light and the Writer as Hustler is the scribbling child in a grown-up body, wondering if anyone is listening."
~Herbert Gold, Elder Statesman of The Beat Generation~


One of my blogging buddies Debi awarded me this cool superior scribbler award today!  I'm soo excited to receive such a great award.  In all honesty, i've never been a writer, never liked writing and have NO IDEA how and why i've grown to love it soo much.  I never took writing classes in college, hated English classes, wrote horribly when i had to write papers, and HAVE NO IDEA how i ever passed any class i had to turn in anything that had anything to do with writing!  LOL!  Yeah, that's how bad i did NOT like it.  BUT, for some CRAZY reason, i love writing about and sharing my life with others(mostly strangers i'll never meet, but friends in my eyes and even go to ladies, that always leave sweet comments & help when i have an issue).  I honestly think it's easier to write about things you enjoy.  For me, that would be my crazy fun life with 3 kidos and a husband that i'm still so very in love with...even though we both have our moments.  While i've learned to write from my blogging addiction, i've also found a few things out, about myself.  I'm a very "tell it like it is" kind of person.  I don't candy coat my life.  My life is by no means that white picket fence family fom leave it to beaver..or the brady bunch(although i feel like i have 6 kids)..but in my eye's it's as close as i'll ever get to it.  HA HA! 

Anyway, to get back to the award.  The rules are as follows:


1: Post the award on my blog

2: Link to the person who gave it to me.

3: Link to the originating post - here

4: Pass the award on to 5 people.

5: Post the rules for the recipients

So drum roll please: 

The next 5 recipients are:

Missy over at  Missy is mommy to Emma & Abby, who are 3.5 yr old identical twin girls that are soo cute and sweet.  I love reading her blog & watching her little girls grow up.  Missy is too sweet and always has such nice things to say..

Cheryl over at  Cheryl is a true writer(she wrote twinspiration, which is the best twin book i've ever read) and it's an honor to be her blogging buddy!  I love reading her will to!

Cat over at  She has a little girl who is almost 4 & twin boys that are 1 yr 1 mth.  Cat is my shoes...just a few months behind..o yeah and did i mention, she not only raises her 3 children & 2 lovely labs..but she works AND still has time to blog.  She is one SUPER MOM!  :) 

Rachel over at who has TRIPLETS(James, Ella & Cameron) and an older daughter(Lydia).  She is so sweet and always leaves the nicest comments.  She somehow has time to raise her 4 children AND still have time to write for THREE different blogs..including her personal blog.  I'm not sure how she does it! :)

Last but not least, Annie over at  She is so sweet and has two precious little girls..that JUST TURNED TWO!  Annie is very sweet and works very hard on her blog.  She even writes everything in spanish and THEN translates her blog to English, for those of us that don't know Spanish. 


SO, there you go!  NOW, it's your turn.  Go out and award some MORE Bloggers this cool award! 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

AGAIN..what a difference a YEAR MAKES! I think i'll say this time and time again! :)

We went to take our annual family xmas pics today!  WOW..the girls did SOOOOO WELL!  I mean i was SOO PROUD to be their mommy, of course i am always proud..but you know what i mean!  They were all little angels.  ALL THREE OF THEM!  And they sure did put on a show...the camera lady was soo shocked at how good they did.  ME TOO!  I went in there with a mind set that we'd just do what we could to get a few pics..even if they weren't any good.  I always go in with no expectations b/c if you go in with that, you always come out feeling good. 

I can't show all the pics b/c, of course, most of the family will see the cute family pic in the mail pretty soon.  BUT, i will share some of the other REALLY good photos! 


I mean i know i'm a bit biased..but could it get ANY cute than this??  


Hannah was soo sweet and such a cutie pie.  BTW, i made the hair bows MYSELF!  I'm definitely NOT a marth stuart of any kind..but i bought a bow maker at michaels the other day b/c i couldn't find a bow to match these dresses anywhere...i ended up with bows i tied to their itsy bitsy pony tail holders..they worked out GREAT!


Checking out the tree..Look at that pretty dirty blonde hair.  For some reason all 3 of my girls have hair that grows and grows..we've been really lucky with hair.  Maybe that's from pauls side of the family b/c my hair is not very pretty and mostly frizzy and does NOT grow very quickly!


Ahh..holding hands.  SOO cute!


I have never done a side pose...but this is GREAT!  The lady that did our pics was very creative and did a great job picking out poses. 


Hannah did great too!  SOO SWEET!


Another family pic w/a black background.  I think this came out soo well!


Here's a funny story.  No one asked about the girls as we were sitting at the studio waiting for our pics. BUT, this one guy was sitting with us..and said "are they twins...i'm guessing they are?"  His family member looked at him and started laughing and said.."well, i'm thinking they are twins".  I said yes and he told me he was a twin...and identical twin at that.  THEN he said: "well, do twins run in your family?" NOW, if anyone with identical twins knows the answer to that, please tell me.  Paul said i had this funny face and said "well, yes, my dads sisters are twins..BUT fraternal twins and these are Identical twins, which has nothing to do with inheritance."  He said "oh, i didn't know that."  So if you have twins, if you ARE a twin and/or if you have a friend of a friend of a friend that has twins..please do your research and don't look soo goofy!  I mean this poor guy had to be 30 yrs old OR older.  I almost felt bad for him..of course, looking in from a mans point of view, i guess men don't really care so much about the whole "Fraternal/Identical" thing.  BUT still, do your research.  Fraternal are if you have a auntie or uncle or mother or father or what have you..that have twins, the chances are PROBABLY a bit higher someone in your family will again have twins.  BUT, if you have identical's totally luck of the draw..or as I would say "a joke the big guy upstairs plays on only a few lucky people...and i was one of those LUCKY ones!"  Perhaps it's because i NEVER EVER win anything anywhere..perhaps he felt like i FINALLY deserved to win BIG!  :)  And boy, did i win big with these three beautiful girls!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mac the baby elephant at our local zoo...

I'm so baby Mac was all over the news...he died on Sunday. It all happened soo quick. You can read all about it HERE. We loved to go see him...and every time we went he was playing with frisky and cute. It really is devistating for everyone in Houston, who frequents the zoo as much as we do.

On another note...THANK YOU THANK YOU..FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL ideas about how to discipline the girls. Yesterday and today we had our ups and downs. Sarah would do really well walking to the car..and as soon as we were 5 ft away from the car she'd kneel she was getting ready to pull a fast one on me. I've had to reprimand her twice now. The first time was yesterday after school..i picked her up and Ms. Anna knew i was nervous. She and I were both talking to sarah about how she was going to be a big girl and walk to the car. She got all excited and RAN out the door of her classroom like a champ. She did good..i had to remind her as we were walking out the door that we had to hold hands. She again, did REALLY i told her how proud of all of them i was..walking out to the car. We got all the way into the car and then it hit her...she just did NOT want to get into her car seat. I finally got her in..but she did loose her barney privileges..AGAIN! Then today, she did really well getting in the car at home..going into school...and walking out to the car at school..but again, just didn't want to get in her car seat. Paul finally saw what i was talking about tonight as we loaded them up to go to dinner. She is just SOO anti-car seat..i can't understand why.

Otherwise, they are both doing well. Tonight we went to dinner and they did EXTREMELY well. I was so proud of all THREE of them. We even went a little late b/c we had planned on going to hooters with pauls employees..but when we got there hooters was PACKED b/c the rockets were having something there. SO, we opted out and went to papasitos. We got there about 630ish..and the girls were SOO sweet. They ate, played with their balloons and everyone was happy the entire time. YAHOO! It's so funny how being a parent of 3 children..we get so excited about the goofiest things(ie, a peaceful dinner w/o any drama!).

O yes and i have to say..having older twins(since my girls are nearing their 2nd bday) doesn't stop people from STARING uncontrolably. We walked into papasitos and it was HILARIOUS the way people just STARE at the girls. I mean one lady turned her entire chair around to wave at the girls as she stared..another lady turned around to stare and i just couldn't make eye contact b/c i was about to fall over laughing. I totally understand how people are intriguied by twins..but really..does it ever change? Do people ever NOT stare? I mean, i can't say i mind..b/c i truly don't mind people staring and/or asking questions...but at the same time...i still worry that Hannah will one day figure it all out and either despise them(the twins) for stealing all the attention or start to do bad things b/c she's so angry about the girls. I always do as much as i can to make sure the people(if they do talk to us) notice my sweet Hannah. I mean, she is JUST AS cute as them..hell, i couldn't even IMGAINE having two of her b/c she is SOOO PRETTY! Duh, she looks like ME! LOL! BUT, really, does anyone ever worry that their singleton will become very angry b/c of all the attention their twins get? Just wondering..once again! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sarah has hit the terrible 2's!

I knew it was inevitable, but it's for SURE now.


To make a long story short, i carry the girls EVERYWHERE!  Yes, i'm a SU-KER!  I worry that if i don't, they'll dart off in a parking lot, so better to be safe than sorry, right?  SO, today i was feeling brave and the parking lot at MDO was empty.  SO, Hannah and I picked up the girls and i decided to make them walk out to the car, holding my hand.  THAT was NOT a good idea.  Sam is pretty laid back and will do whatever i want, as long as she gets a reward at the end.  SARAH is NOT that easy to please.  We were walking out of the room and both girls were literally hanging on my legs, yelling "UP, UP"!!  BUT, i was NOT going to give in and i could see that all the teachers were watching.  In my mind i was thinking "yeah, YOU take some notes, just in case God plays a little trick on YOU TOO!"  LOL!  Totally kidding!  But either way, i stood my ground.  I mean literally Stood my ground..and Sarah was not having it.  I pretty much dragged her to the car as she hung to my leg.   I felt like such a HORRIBLE mom.  But i know i did the right thing, because if you give in, they'll assume your going to give in each time and that's not what i wanted.  SO, we got all the way to the door to the parking lot.  It gets tricky here because i can't just walk off and leave them in the parking lot screaming(as i had secretly wanted to do at the time).  SO, i held their hands and physically tried to walk them to the car, all the while, watching to make sure Hannah was with me and not running out in the middle of the parking lot. Thankfully, she's really an angel and such a great child.  Anyway, we get two steps outside the door and my sweet little angels LAY DOWN in the parking lot.  YES, I'm serious, they LAID DOWN in the driveway and would NOT get up until i picked them up.  I slowly drug them towards my car..holding on tightly to one hand of each child.  I was actually giggling under my breath the entire time, because i'm 110% sure i looked like a FOOL!  Dragging my poor sweet children through the parking lot b/c they DID NOT want to walk to my car...they still wanted "UP..UP"!  Anyway, we finally get to the car, after a few cars stopped to ask and see if i wanted help(which of course, i said No thank you, just trying to get the girls to walk to the car instead of me carrying them like a child that can't physically walk, themselves).  Anyway, we get to the car and i was able to coax Sam into getting into the car with Barney and snacks.  NOT SO LUCKY with Sarah.  She was SOO mad at me by then she was pitching the biggest fit i have ever seen in my life of parenting children thus far.  She wouldn't get in the car, didn't want me to pick her up and honestly looked like a child i had nabbed on the way out of a store, that wasn't actually my child.  Yes, it was really THAT bad. 

All i could think was...What a bad parent i looked like as i tried to get her into her car seat.  I literally wrestled her and physically kept shoving flalling arms into the car seat as the other would fly out.  I would shove her waist down to get her to sit and she would arch backwards in order to get out of the car seat.  All the while, the rain was coming down.  I fought and fought with her to no end.  My sense of humor kicked in by then and i was seriously laughing at what i must have looked like wrestling this 24 lb child and trying to get her into her car seat.  Finally, about 20 minutes into this knock down drag out, a lady i've met a few times walked up to the car laughing and said, "i'm SOO glad i'm not the only one going through this".  I started laughing and as she was talking Sarah was watching HER and i was able to snap that car seat as fast as ever!  AMEN to my sweet babies being scared of people.  The nice lady then walked off laughing as Sarah started SCREAMING at the top of her lungs like i had just cut off her arm.  YAHOO, i could finally relax a bit and leave.  I got in my car with her screaming at the top of her lungs and giggled.    LOL!  I can't even imagine what i looked like in the parking lot...but it HAD to be humorous!  At that point i got Hannah and Sam their snacks as Sarah yelled SANCK, SNACK.  I did NOT give in once again.  She didn't get a snack and she DID NOT get Barney.  She got to sit in her car seat all the way home while i told her that she should have walked out to the car like a big girl and she would have gotten her snack and Barney. 

Through this all, i have learned that i really do have to stand my ground.  When i tell them something, i have to mean it.  I have to stop catering to them to keep the peace.  I'm doing them and myself a disservice.  They are learning to totally take advantage of me.

If anyone has any great suggestions for disciplining twins..please email me.  I'd love to hear any and all suggestions b/c i'm really worried that Sarah is only beginning to hit her terrible 2's and it's going to go down hill before it gets better.  I just don't know what to do. 

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A visit with Baby Gavin & Allison!

We went over to see Allison & Baby Gavin today!  We had such a good time.  WOW, that house was quiet!  I mean, what a sweet quiet baby they have.  What happened to us?!  HA HA HA!  Anyway, the day was perfect.  The kidos were all soo sweet & most importantly, Ms. Hannah got her "Allison" fix for another week or two.  I really wish we lived closer's really sad they can't see each other more.  BUT, absence ALWAYS makes the heart grow fonder.  AND i have a feeling, that is why the girls always have such a great time together!  They were all so sweet and cute.  Even the twins jumped in and played with the big girls upstairs, quietly.  Of course it is always so much fun to play and hold a sweet baby for a while.  The second best part is that we put the girls in the car on the way home...and i think they were awake for a ttl of 2 minutes before they all fell asleep.  What a nice day and of course, it's always fun to hang out with my sister and my brother in law.  We could hang out and chat with jennifer & jeff, all day long. 


Now, to the pics...isn't my sweet baby nephew just perfect in every way!


Uncle Paul & Baby Gavin


Aunt Brenda & Baby Gavin



He has beautiful blue eyes!


The big girls performed in a show which included dressing up and dancing to Hannah Montana Music.  It was way too cute.  Just remind me to tell the girls when they get older, how they stripped down and changed undies so they'd be wearing matching ones(of course, they did all of this while giggling upstairs, while the adults were hanging out chatting down stairs)!  LOL!  OMG, the things our girly girls do for fun!  

Sweet loving cousins..i'm so thankful everyday, that we had our daughters soo close together.  They are really going to be BFF! 





Baby Gavin under his new toy.


Proud papa-uncle Jeff!  This is such a cute pic.  Gavin looks soo comfortable here!


Sarah watching Baleigh from the window! 


The girls getting ready to put on a show!


Lunch buddies...


The girls had fun eating at the little girl table!




What a sweet big sister!


Proud Cousin to our first and only boy in the family!  This is such a good pic!


Hannah was soo happy holding him for the very first time!