Thursday, November 20, 2008


I leave for my first trip EVER, away from the girls. I've left Hannah a few times..but not more than a handful and no more than a day or maybe two.

BUT tomorrow i'm leaving to Austin. I'm meeting up with my girlfriend Katie, Friday. After Hannah's Thanksgiving day program. THEN, she's leaving Saturday night and i have my OWN hotel room for the entire night. ALL BY MYSELF! Now kids screaming at 4am, no getting up until i feel like getting up, i can drink till i puke..and swim in a heated pool all by myself..not worried about a kido falling in or drowning!! It's going to be weird! VERY WEIRD!

I'm sad that Paul won't be coming along..but one day we'll be able to take a vacation together.

I'm excited but worried i'll feel weird and empty with no children for two whole days! YIKES! What am i going to do! I bet shopping will relieve all the worries!

So, for now...adios and i'm sure i'll be adding pics soon. Hannah's thanksgiving program is tomorrow and so i'll have tons of pics to add.


Brad and Alyssa said...

Have fun!!! Enjoy the peace and quiet. Although when I had to leave the family for a week -- I missed them so much! The quiet was very odd for me. LOL! Enjoy and can't wait to hear about your trip!

ps - thanks for the birthday wishes!!

rachael said...

yay, good for you! have fun and enjoy the time with your friend and to yourself!

Annie said...

I hope that you enjoy your vacation. Just relax.

Have a great weekend

Barbara Manatee said...

have a great time Brenda!!! You so deserve a fun weekend. I know its a mix of excitement and sadness to leave the little ones. I've only been able/willing to do it once...and the last 5 minutes on the drive home was the longest ever!! sure made me appreciate them sooo much!

Have fun!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh you will enjoy yourself! Mommies need time away from everything! Go and have fun! Don't worry they will be fine!