Saturday, November 15, 2008

AGAIN..what a difference a YEAR MAKES! I think i'll say this time and time again! :)

We went to take our annual family xmas pics today!  WOW..the girls did SOOOOO WELL!  I mean i was SOO PROUD to be their mommy, of course i am always proud..but you know what i mean!  They were all little angels.  ALL THREE OF THEM!  And they sure did put on a show...the camera lady was soo shocked at how good they did.  ME TOO!  I went in there with a mind set that we'd just do what we could to get a few pics..even if they weren't any good.  I always go in with no expectations b/c if you go in with that, you always come out feeling good. 

I can't show all the pics b/c, of course, most of the family will see the cute family pic in the mail pretty soon.  BUT, i will share some of the other REALLY good photos! 


I mean i know i'm a bit biased..but could it get ANY cute than this??  


Hannah was soo sweet and such a cutie pie.  BTW, i made the hair bows MYSELF!  I'm definitely NOT a marth stuart of any kind..but i bought a bow maker at michaels the other day b/c i couldn't find a bow to match these dresses anywhere...i ended up with bows i tied to their itsy bitsy pony tail holders..they worked out GREAT!


Checking out the tree..Look at that pretty dirty blonde hair.  For some reason all 3 of my girls have hair that grows and grows..we've been really lucky with hair.  Maybe that's from pauls side of the family b/c my hair is not very pretty and mostly frizzy and does NOT grow very quickly!


Ahh..holding hands.  SOO cute!


I have never done a side pose...but this is GREAT!  The lady that did our pics was very creative and did a great job picking out poses. 


Hannah did great too!  SOO SWEET!


Another family pic w/a black background.  I think this came out soo well!


Here's a funny story.  No one asked about the girls as we were sitting at the studio waiting for our pics. BUT, this one guy was sitting with us..and said "are they twins...i'm guessing they are?"  His family member looked at him and started laughing and said.."well, i'm thinking they are twins".  I said yes and he told me he was a twin...and identical twin at that.  THEN he said: "well, do twins run in your family?" NOW, if anyone with identical twins knows the answer to that, please tell me.  Paul said i had this funny face and said "well, yes, my dads sisters are twins..BUT fraternal twins and these are Identical twins, which has nothing to do with inheritance."  He said "oh, i didn't know that."  So if you have twins, if you ARE a twin and/or if you have a friend of a friend of a friend that has twins..please do your research and don't look soo goofy!  I mean this poor guy had to be 30 yrs old OR older.  I almost felt bad for him..of course, looking in from a mans point of view, i guess men don't really care so much about the whole "Fraternal/Identical" thing.  BUT still, do your research.  Fraternal are if you have a auntie or uncle or mother or father or what have you..that have twins, the chances are PROBABLY a bit higher someone in your family will again have twins.  BUT, if you have identical's totally luck of the draw..or as I would say "a joke the big guy upstairs plays on only a few lucky people...and i was one of those LUCKY ones!"  Perhaps it's because i NEVER EVER win anything anywhere..perhaps he felt like i FINALLY deserved to win BIG!  :)  And boy, did i win big with these three beautiful girls!!!


Barbara Manatee said...

Those are beautiful, Brenda!! They girls all look so sweet in their dresses. And I'm so glad they all behaved so well! We need to get the twins in for their 2 year photos, which we can thankfully combine with Christmas photos...its just a matter of finding the time to do it!


Harris Boys said...

OMG brenda...those pics are darling...the girls look precious..all smiles and their dresses are beautiful :)

we did the boys 2nd year pics and christmas pics this morning. I can't wait to get them back!!!

Gorgeous family!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Great photos! Brook and I were just talking about needing new photos of the boys.

We had a NURSE ask us if twins ran in our family...right after we told her that, yes, the boys were identical. Sometimes I correct people, but other times, I let them figure it out.

Missy said...

What wonderful pics. Your girls are so pretty & the family pic is great!!!

Abby & Emma are identical twins and I had no idea how twins worked until I saw my twin specialist dr. So I have a 30% chance of having twins again because I could inherit it (my mom's great grandfather - both of them- were twins!)

Annie said...

Lovely pictures. All of you look amazing. You did a great job with their bows. Martha Stewart should be careful because Brenda has talent.


Jamie said...

The pictures turned out SO well!!!

I hear ya on the twin questions. I get people who ask if my BOY GIRL twins are identical. It amazes me how many people don't realize what IDENTICAL means!! lol

The pictures are just beautiful! They did a great job!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Oh i love the pics of the girl and of all of you guys so Sweet!

BoufMom9 said...

OH.MY.GOSH! I would have to buy ALL of them! Seriously. All.Of.Them! Just GORGEOUS Brenda!

funny story about the guy. LOL

Brandi said...

Beautiful pics!

cat said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures!

Gibson Twins said...

Wow what great shots!! Looks like they were done at Portrait Innovations- right? I agree with you about going in not expecting anything and it really does come out better.

Those are fabulous!!

Michele said...

Hi, and thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog back in September. For some reason I missed them at the time. I also think it's amazing that our girls share the same birthday and look so much alike! Right now yours are much cuter, though - we're trying to grow out our babies' bangs, so they look like ragg mopps 24/7.

I absolutely love the Christmas dresses and the pictures turned out fabulous!

Oh, and looking back through your blog, those pictures of your daughter trying to get ice water for the family were absolutely priceless. What a little sweetheart!


rachael said...

the pictures turned out just wonderful!