Sunday, November 09, 2008

A visit with Baby Gavin & Allison!

We went over to see Allison & Baby Gavin today!  We had such a good time.  WOW, that house was quiet!  I mean, what a sweet quiet baby they have.  What happened to us?!  HA HA HA!  Anyway, the day was perfect.  The kidos were all soo sweet & most importantly, Ms. Hannah got her "Allison" fix for another week or two.  I really wish we lived closer's really sad they can't see each other more.  BUT, absence ALWAYS makes the heart grow fonder.  AND i have a feeling, that is why the girls always have such a great time together!  They were all so sweet and cute.  Even the twins jumped in and played with the big girls upstairs, quietly.  Of course it is always so much fun to play and hold a sweet baby for a while.  The second best part is that we put the girls in the car on the way home...and i think they were awake for a ttl of 2 minutes before they all fell asleep.  What a nice day and of course, it's always fun to hang out with my sister and my brother in law.  We could hang out and chat with jennifer & jeff, all day long. 


Now, to the pics...isn't my sweet baby nephew just perfect in every way!


Uncle Paul & Baby Gavin


Aunt Brenda & Baby Gavin



He has beautiful blue eyes!


The big girls performed in a show which included dressing up and dancing to Hannah Montana Music.  It was way too cute.  Just remind me to tell the girls when they get older, how they stripped down and changed undies so they'd be wearing matching ones(of course, they did all of this while giggling upstairs, while the adults were hanging out chatting down stairs)!  LOL!  OMG, the things our girly girls do for fun!  

Sweet loving cousins..i'm so thankful everyday, that we had our daughters soo close together.  They are really going to be BFF! 





Baby Gavin under his new toy.


Proud papa-uncle Jeff!  This is such a cute pic.  Gavin looks soo comfortable here!


Sarah watching Baleigh from the window! 


The girls getting ready to put on a show!


Lunch buddies...


The girls had fun eating at the little girl table!




What a sweet big sister!


Proud Cousin to our first and only boy in the family!  This is such a good pic!


Hannah was soo happy holding him for the very first time! 


Annie said...

Wow, baby Gavin look so big. God bless Allison and Gavin.

Definitely, all of you enjoyed the time with the family, great. I love the pictures, too cute.


Missy said...

So cute! Gavin is so a cutie pie! I love all the pics - especially the dressing up ones & holding Gavin pics. Such a wonderful Aunt you are!!! Gavin is very blessed to have such a wonderful family

Lisa & Gerald said...

Look's like you guys had a great time! Love the pics!

jay_say said...

Such cute pics... Don't you love it when you are holding a newborn that you get that feeling like you want another one? I'm sure you get asked about as much as I do if you are going to try for a boy (in my case they all ask when the girl is coming)... argh...

cat said...

I always say that cousins should really see each other a lot and play, play, play, like I did with mine. As I was an only child they became a lot like stand in brothers and sister.

BoufMom9 said...

AWWWWWW! How did I miss this post? Gavin is beautiful!!!!