Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I received an award...THANKS TO DEBI!


"Diverting the internal traffic between the Writer as Angel of Light and the Writer as Hustler is the scribbling child in a grown-up body, wondering if anyone is listening."
~Herbert Gold, Elder Statesman of The Beat Generation~


One of my blogging buddies Debi awarded me this cool superior scribbler award today!  I'm soo excited to receive such a great award.  In all honesty, i've never been a writer, never liked writing and have NO IDEA how and why i've grown to love it soo much.  I never took writing classes in college, hated English classes, wrote horribly when i had to write papers, and HAVE NO IDEA how i ever passed any class i had to turn in anything that had anything to do with writing!  LOL!  Yeah, that's how bad i did NOT like it.  BUT, for some CRAZY reason, i love writing about and sharing my life with others(mostly strangers i'll never meet, but friends in my eyes and even go to ladies, that always leave sweet comments & help when i have an issue).  I honestly think it's easier to write about things you enjoy.  For me, that would be my crazy fun life with 3 kidos and a husband that i'm still so very in love with...even though we both have our moments.  While i've learned to write from my blogging addiction, i've also found a few things out, about myself.  I'm a very "tell it like it is" kind of person.  I don't candy coat my life.  My life is by no means that white picket fence family fom leave it to beaver..or the brady bunch(although i feel like i have 6 kids)..but in my eye's it's as close as i'll ever get to it.  HA HA! 

Anyway, to get back to the award.  The rules are as follows:


1: Post the award on my blog

2: Link to the person who gave it to me.

3: Link to the originating post - here

4: Pass the award on to 5 people.

5: Post the rules for the recipients

So drum roll please: 

The next 5 recipients are:

Missy over at  Missy is mommy to Emma & Abby, who are 3.5 yr old identical twin girls that are soo cute and sweet.  I love reading her blog & watching her little girls grow up.  Missy is too sweet and always has such nice things to say..

Cheryl over at  Cheryl is a true writer(she wrote twinspiration, which is the best twin book i've ever read) and it's an honor to be her blogging buddy!  I love reading her will to!

Cat over at  She has a little girl who is almost 4 & twin boys that are 1 yr 1 mth.  Cat is my shoes...just a few months behind..o yeah and did i mention, she not only raises her 3 children & 2 lovely labs..but she works AND still has time to blog.  She is one SUPER MOM!  :) 

Rachel over at who has TRIPLETS(James, Ella & Cameron) and an older daughter(Lydia).  She is so sweet and always leaves the nicest comments.  She somehow has time to raise her 4 children AND still have time to write for THREE different blogs..including her personal blog.  I'm not sure how she does it! :)

Last but not least, Annie over at  She is so sweet and has two precious little girls..that JUST TURNED TWO!  Annie is very sweet and works very hard on her blog.  She even writes everything in spanish and THEN translates her blog to English, for those of us that don't know Spanish. 


SO, there you go!  NOW, it's your turn.  Go out and award some MORE Bloggers this cool award! 


Annie said...

Thanks Brenda for the honor of giving this award.

And also, thank you for being my blog friend.

P.S. I also tagged you, check my blog.

Harris Boys said...

congrats!!! I just love awards too...hehe

Brad and Alyssa said...

Hey Brenda -- quick questions -- those pink chairs that you have for your girls - where did you get them at? Thanks!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Omigoodness! You are simply the dearest! I was just coming over to see what you were up to and you've made my day!

Thank you so much, and thank YOU for being my blog friend!

BoufMom9 said...

great post Brenda. See, this is exactly why I gave it to you. You can tell how much you love your life and it makes reading your blog that much more enjoyable :)

Missy said...

Oh, thank you! I come back from vacation to find out I have been given a wonderful award from you - my blogging best buddy! Thank you for the kind words. Good luck on your trip!!!!! I will pass out my award tomorrow!