Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gma & Gpa M came to visit...

Gma &he Gpa M came to visit, on their way down to S. Texas.  We all had a blast..but of course they didn't come to see us, they came to see the girls.  The kidos already miss them soo much!  They had lots of fun bonding with Gma & Gpa,and i think they are finally growing out of that scared stage or clinging to mommy & daddy 24/7!  We hope to see them again soon, now that they are closer to our house!  We are dreaming about March/April, when Paul & i will get our first night in 2 years & 3 months away, TOGETHER!  YAHOO! 


Does it look like the girls had fun or WHAT???  They had SOO much fun playing with Gma & Gpa!  They Love the girls SOO much..and the girls LOVE them and love playing with them.  Sarah kept saying "Pa Pa..Pa Pa?"  For some reason, she's really growing a liking to men...she says "PA PA?"  ALL the time! 








Hannah's been waiting to open up the moon sand since XMAS...I saved it just for Gma & Hannah..they had soo much fun.  Of course, GMA wouldn't be GMA if she didn't bring her own, home-made play dough along too!  Gma has all sorts of fun things up her sleeve when she comes to our house, whether it be making a doll cake or playing with home made play dough! 









Since i haven't posted in a while..i have a very funny story(as usual)!  I write about these on my blog so that: 1) i'll remember them later, 2) because they are normally very funny and i figured most people can always use a laugh or two. :)  So, on Tuesday i knew i was planning on voting.  I ordered my shirt ahead of time and i knew i was planning on wearing it THAT day.  I never really watch the news so i honestly had no idea you weren't allowed to wear any political clothes to vote.  SO, i walk in with this shirt that says: my name is Jane on the front.  On the back it says "i'm Jane the Plumber, don't take me for working hard!"  OMG, i thought the shirt was HILARIOUS..BUT on the front it obviously had, OOPS!  Well, i went in, voted and Paul was behind me.  I walked out after i "cast my ballot" and Paul came out a few seconds after me and said the guys were in their talking about me.  I said WHAT?  He said one guy asked if we were allowed to wear those shirts into the voting polls...OOPS!  I guess i will make a mental note for next time..  I mean seriously, it's kinda goofy that you can't wear political wear to the voting polls..i mean WHY would i buy it if i couldn't wear it to the polls?  SO, anyway, that afternoon i went to the mall and then to taco bell for a bit of lunch.  There was a lady sitting right across from me with a big OBAMA face staring right at me!  LOL!  THEN another guy walked by me and said "NICE SHIRT"!  LOL!  The lady gave me one big glare as she figured out what my t-shirt actually said on it!  SOO FUNNY!


Uh, did i mention that in TWO weeks i'm going on my first ever, since the girls were born, girls trip.  I'm meeting my best friend from HS, in Austin in TWO weeks from today!  We're going to hang out, drink, maybe go to the spa, maybe swim some, or whatever we feel like doing!  I'm SOOOOO excited.  No babies hanging on my legs, no crying, no noise what so ever for TWO whole days...did i mention i get to REALLY SLEEP IN!  I wonder if i'll actually miss the hustle and bustle of my normal life when i'm gone...Hmmm..PROBABLY NOT!  I will miss my babies a bit and my hubby..but i'm ready to hang out with Auntie/God Mother of the twins, Katie for a few days!


Annie said...

The girls really enjoyed visiting Gma & Gpa. I love the picture of Sarah and Sam behind the sofa.

I hope that you enjoy your trip with your friends, that's a great idea, no kids, nobody crying, oh wow.


Gail said...

Awww... such cute pics! I love that Gma brings homemade playdoh too. That's so much fun! Sounds like the girls had a blast! :)

BoufMom9 said...

Great pictures! I hope you make the most of all of your time away from the kiddies!!!!

ps Funny story about the shirt and awesome tshirt!

cat said...

I could do with a break like that. Enjoy! I also firmly believe that God specially made grandparents top spoil kids.

Missy said...

Such cute photos - grandparents are the best! They look they had a lot of fun visiting!

Lisa & Gerald said...

It's nice to spend time with your family! enjoy it well you can!