Friday, November 14, 2008

Mac the baby elephant at our local zoo...

I'm so baby Mac was all over the news...he died on Sunday. It all happened soo quick. You can read all about it HERE. We loved to go see him...and every time we went he was playing with frisky and cute. It really is devistating for everyone in Houston, who frequents the zoo as much as we do.

On another note...THANK YOU THANK YOU..FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL ideas about how to discipline the girls. Yesterday and today we had our ups and downs. Sarah would do really well walking to the car..and as soon as we were 5 ft away from the car she'd kneel she was getting ready to pull a fast one on me. I've had to reprimand her twice now. The first time was yesterday after school..i picked her up and Ms. Anna knew i was nervous. She and I were both talking to sarah about how she was going to be a big girl and walk to the car. She got all excited and RAN out the door of her classroom like a champ. She did good..i had to remind her as we were walking out the door that we had to hold hands. She again, did REALLY i told her how proud of all of them i was..walking out to the car. We got all the way into the car and then it hit her...she just did NOT want to get into her car seat. I finally got her in..but she did loose her barney privileges..AGAIN! Then today, she did really well getting in the car at home..going into school...and walking out to the car at school..but again, just didn't want to get in her car seat. Paul finally saw what i was talking about tonight as we loaded them up to go to dinner. She is just SOO anti-car seat..i can't understand why.

Otherwise, they are both doing well. Tonight we went to dinner and they did EXTREMELY well. I was so proud of all THREE of them. We even went a little late b/c we had planned on going to hooters with pauls employees..but when we got there hooters was PACKED b/c the rockets were having something there. SO, we opted out and went to papasitos. We got there about 630ish..and the girls were SOO sweet. They ate, played with their balloons and everyone was happy the entire time. YAHOO! It's so funny how being a parent of 3 children..we get so excited about the goofiest things(ie, a peaceful dinner w/o any drama!).

O yes and i have to say..having older twins(since my girls are nearing their 2nd bday) doesn't stop people from STARING uncontrolably. We walked into papasitos and it was HILARIOUS the way people just STARE at the girls. I mean one lady turned her entire chair around to wave at the girls as she stared..another lady turned around to stare and i just couldn't make eye contact b/c i was about to fall over laughing. I totally understand how people are intriguied by twins..but really..does it ever change? Do people ever NOT stare? I mean, i can't say i mind..b/c i truly don't mind people staring and/or asking questions...but at the same time...i still worry that Hannah will one day figure it all out and either despise them(the twins) for stealing all the attention or start to do bad things b/c she's so angry about the girls. I always do as much as i can to make sure the people(if they do talk to us) notice my sweet Hannah. I mean, she is JUST AS cute as them..hell, i couldn't even IMGAINE having two of her b/c she is SOOO PRETTY! Duh, she looks like ME! LOL! BUT, really, does anyone ever worry that their singleton will become very angry b/c of all the attention their twins get? Just wondering..once again! :)


Missy said...

Oh no I hate to hear that about Mac. Our elephant (who was really old) died about 9 mos ago and we found out on the news too. Abby & Emma were upset too they love the elephant exhibit.

So glad to hear you got some good advice on discipline - do tell! And we took the girls out to dinner Thursday & we were so relieved when are girls were so good! Funny how excited you get - I know what you mean.

And as far as comments go - I hate being stopped by the people with dumb questions - like are they twins? Yes. Are you sure? UH, yeah, I was there!

rachael said...

oh no...what sad news about mac :(

Double the blessing said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I haven't even read your whole post but I had to comment my niece loves Mac. She goes to the zoo ALL the time and that's the first stop, to see Mac. We went to zoo boo before we came back home and she was so cute telling Mac hi. So sad!!!