Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This week has been crazy and exhausting!

I don't think I've updated since I first posted that Sarah was sick.  Well now Hannah is sick..but I think she's getting over it.  Sam was sick but seems to be getting over it too.  Sarah just seems to have had it the worst of the three.  She was puking a LOT.  Then she had finally gotten better and didn't puke Monday night.  THEN last night she was getting into her high chair and fell backwards and hit her head HARD on the floor.  As i was consoling, her she puked ALL OVER ME!  I mean, it could have been on the records as the most puke I've ever had on my body!  YUCK-E!  POOR Sarah.  I didn't know what to do.  I was kinda torn b/c i felt like if we had gone to the ER, b/c they always say if a person hits their head and pukes you NEED to go to the ER, BUT, I'm sure this was a case in it's own b/c she had also been getting over the nasty bug that hit her last Friday.  SO, i chose not to go sit in the line at TCH(Texas Children's Hosp.) b/c she's contaminated enough and i also don't want to contaminate anymore kidos that are already sick!  SO, we waited it out.   In the mean time, Melody, my good friend and twin mommy called, b/c her mom had cut her finger really bad and she lives by me so she wanted to see if i knew of any ER clinics around our area.  SO, as i was talking to her i told her about our little incident..she told me Sydney had done the SAME thing and that they just waited it  out b/c they didn't feel like she really needed to go to the ER.  Ahh, Relief!  SO, we waited it out...and i've assumed her belly is just really sensitive due to all the puking.  SO, last night i was up half the night checking on her to make sure i could wake her up, etc.  She's fine, just a bit tired. 

Even though everyone was sick, i have been taking them all out for some fresh air.  And yesterday as i was standing there watching them, I got all giddy because they were all three SOO cute playing together so nicely.  They were sitting in the MIDDLE of our backyard with chairs and a table drinking some "TEA".   The best part was that it really hit me..they are ALL three going to be SOO close to one another.  I know some days are really stressful and not so much fun..and it's really really hard when they are all three sick at the same time.  BUT, goodness, it's SOO cute, when they are all playing together like sisters.  I always wish i had two sisters that i had been close to..unfortunately things don't always work out that way for some families.  I've said it before and I'll say it over and over...i WILL MAKE My baby girls be friends.  They will NOT be like i have been with my sister.  I will intervene and make sure it just doesn't happen.  I just couldn't sit back and watch these three beautiful girls fight like cats and dogs and not jump in and make them love each other.  I think this all hits me hard b/c we're missing thanksgiving and i'm not THAT sad...b/c i do have my own family now and i'm not even sure I'd be that excited about going to my sisters fancy new house for dinner, when i'd be worried about a child sneaking out their back door and drowning..or pulling any of her glass pieces down on them and hurting themselves.  Anyway, i also know that friends come and go...and sisters are truly sisters forever, whether they like it or not.  SO it's easier for everyone around if they all get along like sisters! :) 

Of course, what would a post be w/o here are some. 


Bored on the holiday we painted!  I had never been brave enough to let the twins paint...they really liked it and did SOO well!


Hannah painting!  See what i one looks very healthy in our house right now. 


The house of sickness and covers/towels all over the house. 


Hannah was NOT happy about me taking pics..this day was a pajama day!


Sarah is HER pj's too! 


What do you feed sick babies..LOTS OF popsicles and jello!  Thank goodness they like both1


And of course..chicken noodle soup, which they don't like very much.


Look at that bed head!!  LOL!


Hannah and her popsicle..she LOVES them!


Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!!!


rachael said...

happy thanksgiving!

Barbara Manatee said...

Hope you're all feeling better and able to enjoy Turkey Day! I, too, am glad my three will grow up so close together. My family (and my husband's) are both very spread out - there is a 16 year span between us 4 siblings and me in the middle - 8 years on both sides. So, I'm excited my kids will grow up together!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Annie said...

Is awesome that the girls are so close, definitely they will be best friends.

I hope the girls feel well soon.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!

PS. Check my blog, I tagged you.

cat said...

Hope you are all better now!

Missy said...

Wishing you a happy & "no sickies" Thanksgiving. You poor thing! I know you are ready for this virus/bug to be over with!