Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Austin Trip & My poor husbands weekend!


First of all, i had a great trip to Austin..until i called my hubby this morning and my big girl told me: "Sarah was REALLY sick!"  I could NOT believe it.  I leave for the weekend to find out my hubby had been home with one sick baby that was puking up her guts all weekend long.  POOR BABY!  I felt soo bad.  Poor Sarah pretty much got sick the minute i drove out of Houston.  She was up all night Friday night and then Sat afternoon and then last night again.  I'm guessing she had some sort of virus that lasted a few days.  I feel horrible that my poor hubby had to stay home all by himself AND take care of one sick child(so Far)! 


Today since i've been home Sarah's been pretty lethargic..but drinking water and had a whole piece of bread.  The other girls haven't gotten it yet, but i have a feeling it's only within time.  It's very weird to come home after being gone for two days and see my normally loud child laying on the couch.  I guess i'm glad for everyone's sake, that Paul didn't tell me Sarah was sick and that Hannah didn't rat Paul out!  LOL! 


Anyway, i had a great trip.  I met up with my girlfriend, Katie, in Austin Friday afternoon, went shopping and down to sixth street.  Then we went bar hopping and then got back to our hotel around midnight.  Saturday we got up at 9:30AM and laid around until check out time of 11am!  THEN we went down to eat lunch in the arts district and then to my hotel, where we hung out in the hot tub and just talked.  Around 3:00P, it was time for Katie to go home...i always hate to say goodbye to Katie!  BUT, she left and i took a nice long nap and then went and ate dinner and had a few drinks.  It was SOO quiet..almost TOO quiet.  I missed my girls a ton but i think i needed the quiet time.  THANKS Paul, for not only taking care of my precious little girls..BUT, cleaning up puke for two whole days and nights..AND accepting a sleeping guest in our bed(Sarah, LOL).  Since Sarah was so sick, Paul took her into his bed and didn't think twice.  What  a sweet hubby!


Katie w/her lone star beer!


Katie & I on 6th street!


One more shot..


This pic looks weird...i'm seriously not that's the shirt!


Not sure what Katie is doing here..i'm sure it had something to do with the club being soo empty and all our little inside jokes!


the BARBER SHOP...the club with the mean DJ that totally ignored us!


Of course i had to try out the dryer too!  LOL!


the hot tub at the Hilton..that pool and hot tub were awesome!  Except for the goofy guy who came in later and just laid down on the chair and covered himself up with a towel to take a nap.  WEIRD!  VERY WEIRD!



Close up..

just so sad katie had to leave..and just as sad that paul had to take care of my sick kido this weekend all alone.  POOR GUY!



Annie said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed your trip to Austin. Sometimes we need silence. The pictures are great.

Poor baby, I hope that Sarah will get well soon. It's hard to see one of the girls sick. I know Paul did a great job with the girls.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Im glad to hear you had a good time with your friend!Then sad to hear about your poor huby's weekend! Well I hope she's feelking better real soon!

Missy said...

Oh no! Poor Paul & Sarah! But I know you needed a few days of quiet & rest. I am envious! Looks like you & Katie had a great time!!! Love the pics.

cat said...

Glad you had a great time! And you know what, sometimes dad needs to know what moms go through. And good on dad for not telling you and thereby letting you enjoy your time away.

Barbara Manatee said...

So glad you had fun!! So sweet that you feel bad about Paul having to deal with a sick I'm sure you've had to do it yourself many times!