Sunday, November 09, 2008

A fun Birthday at the Fire Museum!















Today we went to  Zachary's 5th birthday party at the Houston Fire Museum.  What a great idea...and what a fun time.  The kidos all had a blast.  And what mommy doesn't like to hang around with other mommies and chat!?  I sure do!  Hannah had so much fun playing with Lilly, Auburn, Samantha, Zachary(of course) and all the other kiddos!  It was a fun, busy day and tomorrow is going to be just as fun!  We are going to see baby Gavin in the morning!  I'm sure i'll have TONS of pics to share when we get home! 


P.S. the beds are still doing just fine & on a sad note: i've sold one baby crib!  It made me realize that my babies, just aren't babies anymore.  They are really growing up & becoming such sweet little ladies.  Today they actually played almost all day w/o incident.  The three girls played with a jump rope and took turns and all had these REAL conversations.  Sam would say...Go ANNA(Hannah) GO and then GO SISSY GO!  They ALL THREE played so nicely was a breath of fresh air and i'm soo ready for more days like this!  Today reminded me why i'm a SAHM and given up so see these beautiful precious girls grow up, right before my eyes.  I mean, what more could a mom ask for, than 3 beautiful precious daughters.  Today is the reason we've had to deal with our share of stress, crying, sleepless nights and more.  Today my girls treated each other like best friends.  Seeing that i haven't grown up close to my one sister...i know that i'll make SURE my girls are always best friends..and even though i know they'll have their moments and fights...they will NEVER EVER NOT have a sister to go to when they need someone to talk to or cry with!  And, although they'll always have me...they'll also, always have one another.  


Barbara Manatee said...

So sweet hearing you talk about the girls growing up together and bonding. I love even watching my two, although boy & girl twins, share so much and feel so much for each other. Its so fun to watch them play and learn and grow together!

rachael said...

how fun! the pictures are wonderful!

Annie said...

Great pictures. Oh, it's so sweet the things that you talk about your beautiful girls. Definitely, is awesome be a SAHM because we enjoy every minute with them.