Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The funny things kids say..

The most popular word my girls say these days is “Because”.  They say it all day long.  It’s funny!  Funny, because i don’t think they really know WHAT they are saying..  I’ll ask them “why did you put the paper towels in the toilet”-in a very serious voice.  They say “Because”!  Oh, the small things..that make me smile these days.


All my little girls are growing up so’s crazy!  They talk non-stop…and communication is never an issue anymore. 


Yesterday, Sarah came home from school and said “Sissy got in trouble”!  WHAT?  This is funny b/c not only are they saying funny things..they are now making things up!  Sam didn’t actually get in trouble at school..Sarah WANTED her to get in trouble!  Perhaps b/c Sarah got in trouble a few weeks ago for telling MS. Anna NO and then running when it was time to change her diaper.  NOT MY SWEET SARAH!  When Ms. Anna told me and i asked Sarah..she started crying uncontrollably..that’s good b/c that means i hit a sensitive spot..that’s what i want! :) 


Now a days they both tell me when they have a dirty diaper.  Sam will come up to me and say “mommy i have a big turtle in my pants!”  BUT, after i said something about a turd…they they figured out that i wasn’t talking about turtles in their pants..NOW they say.."mommy, i have a big turd in my pant’s”!  Yeah, it’s not always funny..but it’s a sign.  A sign that they are really moving towards potty training.  A sign, that one day soon, we won’t have to buy diapers..which by the way TARGET cheap diapers ROCK MY WORLD!  Talking about cheaper..i can’t fathom how much money i WOULD have saved if someone would have told me about them 4.5 years ago! :)  They are great, they absorb, don’t leak and are JUST as good as pampers/luvs! 


In other news..Hannah is doing awesome in school.  My little 4.5 year old is SOO smart.  Although her school has cost us an arm and a’s been well worth the money.  She’s learned SOO much.  She can count to 100, knows and id’s all her letters, numbers-loves her little work books i bought her for kindergarten and can count to 20 in SPANISH!  Yes, you got that right..SPANISH!  I’m really going to miss her school, the individual attention, the religion she learns…but their are always pros and cons of every school.  I won’t have the 1 hour drive 2x’s a day in the car..hauling the girls around in the car…i won’t have to spend the money on school b/c her new school is FREE..we won’t have any big obligations to spend money on school/church stuff anymore(which drives me CRAZY)!  Also, Hannah gets to RIDE THE BUS..even though we are ONE block away from her new school.  I’m just ready to move..ready for a change, ready to start our new our new neighborhood with kids all around us!  Don’t get me wrong..i LOVE our neighborhood right now..but i feel like we’re missing out..b/c their are only a few kidos around here to play with..and they ALL go to different private schools.  In our new neighborhood..everyone goes to the SAME’s going to be FUN! 

Now, please pray that we get some kind of showing on our house soon..i’m getting nervous, but i know it only takes that ONE family to fall in love with’s just very stressful..i’m excited to move..but SOO nervous about selling this house. 


P S. More pics sometime’s been a while b/c they never dress alike wants to wear this dirty old tank top EVERY SINGLE DAY..and the other wants to wear HANNAH’S pj’s day and night..SOO, i only take pics of them when they are all nice, neatly dressed and match! day you MAY see more pics..just not these days!


BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! LOL about the "turtle". hahahaha LOVE the stuff they come up with now that they talk. Emma's 2 favorite words are "ridiculous" and "disgusting". LOL

cat said...

Great to hear from you again. Hannah really knows a lot! And take pictures from them when they are not dressed alike - it is so important for their individual development.

Missy said...

Great stories! They made me laugh this morning!!!

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