Tuesday, April 21, 2009

B is for Busy..M is for March of Dimes…

These days seem to all run together and i never feel like i have enough sleep.  What was i thinking when i agreed to Co-chair our Mothers of Multiples March of dimes family team walk??!!!  Between that and keeping up with 2-2 year olds, 1-4.5 year old that LOVES working in her educational work books, field trips, garage sales, bake sales and such..i’ve been pretty darn busy.  O yeah and did i mention i have to keep the house clean just in case we have to show our house. 


NOW, on Friday afternoon Gracye ripped her other ACL and she’s having her second surgery(the other leg) in a week!  SOO, that doesn’t help any b/c now we have to keep her inside at all times, or walk her on a leash…as if i didn’t have enough to do without THIS drama! :)  The best part is that she WILL be OK!  The best part is that the dr. said the best rehab for this kind of injury is swimming..well, nice that our new house has a pool! :)


And with all that being said..here are a few pics from the past few weeks in no specific order. 


The girls are going through this Naked period..they LOVE taking their clothes off and not putting any back on!


Teasing Gracye with food..


Poor Gracye after she hurt her leg!



Hannah loving on her Sam!


More love… :)


Gracye wondering when the pain would go away and the rain would stop! :)


Sarah watching over Gracye…


totally random pic of all the cupcakes i baked for the MOD benefit bake sale..that i took to the garage sale that got rained out!  NOT FUN AT ALL!



More to come folks!  Bear with me while i have one more week of MOD work and i’m  DONE!  I gotta say, this has been one BIG CHALLENGE!  BUT, with Melody’s help, we’ve done a great job..and even though we didn’t raise anywhere near as much money as we did last year, we’re going to make the most out of it.  Thanks to all that donated..it is going towards such a great cause! 


Barbara Manatee said...

Our team hasn't been able to raise as much this year as in the past either...but something's better than nothing!

Keep up the great work!

cat said...

Poor poor puppy! The cupcakes looks lovely

Brad and Alyssa said...

Thank you thank you thank you for the donation!! You are doing a great job raising money and staying home with your kids! I seriously think you deserve the Mommy Award this year!!! :)

We are having so many problems raising money this year. I'm going to start a fundraiser here soon though - craziness! I feel like I have no time for anything lately!

BoufMom9 said...

I'm sorry you didn't raise as much this year :(
I agree with barb, something is better than nothing, I guess.

It's just wonderful that you get involved!