Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to everyone!  We had a AWESOME Easter!  Here are some pics from Good Friday.  My parents and sister came over and we had a Easter Egg hunt, decorated the cakes i baked, dyed some eggs, and opened a few presents.  Man, i think it looked like Christmas around here that day.  My parents bought the girls presents, my oldest sister bought the girls presents and Jennifer bought everyone presents too!  PLUS i have bought them a few dollar presents myself. 


Allison & Hannah decorating their bunny cakes…


Mom & Baby Gavin..look at that BIG OLE’ belly..and i don’t mean my MOMS belly!  LOL!


After the wonderful-lovely sister brought some confetti eggs…JUST REMEMBER PAY BACKS Auntie J!  Did i mention she bought body glitter for the big girls..but Auntie B was ready for battle with HAIR GEL GLITTER for the girls.  I tried to put some in Baby Gavins hair..she wouldn’t let me!  DARN!


Auntie J & Baby G


Cracking confetti eggs on their heads!


Checking out the confetti in Sarah’s hair!


Grandpa B with confetti in his hair!


Granda B with confetti in her hair!


Sarah has lots of confetti in her hair!


checking out their eggs..


Look at all those eggs…over 100 eggs to hunt for in the back yard..and the big girls did SOOO well sharing with the little girls!



Eggs everywhere!


And then to the porte a cache for some bubbles and chalk!  I’m really going to miss this house..we have soo much room for EVERYTHING the girls love to do! 


Loving the big bubble machine i bought for the March of Dimes walk!


we had to test it make sure it worked out well! LOL!


Look at baby G..i think this was the very first time Hannah really got to hold him.  I finally felt she wouldn’t break him..SINCE he weights almost 20lbs!  :)


Look at that SMILE!  He’s just SOO cute!


And Allison with her baby brother!


The eggs the girls Dyed..STINKY afterwards!


Hannah after she put together the first puzzle..


I have lots more pics..i’ll hopefully have a little time to blog some more this week.  We have a ton going on the next few weeks..i have a MOMS function, then the buy/sell for my moms group, maybe another open house(#3), then the following week is the BIG WALK!  I’m excited but also stressed & will be very relieved once the walk is behind us! 


Cheryl Lage said...

What wonderful pictures! I LOVE the idea of confetti eggs! How have we not even heard of them?

Enjoy your Easter!

Annie said...

What a busy day, but fun. All girls look precious and baby Gavin is so big.

Glad that everyone enjoyed the day.

Happy Easter!!!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Fantastic photos! It looks like such a great day with family.
Little Gavin has a great belly! He has some great chunk going on!!!!

Your girls look like they had such a great time and WOW! That outdoor room is FANTASTIC!

Hope you had a lovely Easter holiday!

Missy said...

Wow! Confetti eggs - never heard of them! How cute!!!

cat said...

Looks like you had a great hunt! That baby is so sturdy, wow, how cute.None of mine ever were.

Lisa & Gerald said...

Looks like you guys had a great Easter weekend

Lisa & Gerald said...

Aww tooo sweet...