Thursday, April 09, 2009

Conversation with Hannah..

Just something funny i couldn't stop laughing about..

Mommy: "Hannah, go brush your teeth"
Hannah: "NOPE, i want them to rot and fall out"
M: "What do you mean you want them to rot and fall out???"
H: "So i get some money from the tooth fairy"
M: "Honey, your teeth are going to fall out sooner or later, you shouldn't make it sooner b/c then you won't have any teeth for a while"
H: "BUT, the sooner the better...the faster the tooth fairy will come see me and bring me some money or make up and jewerly!"
M: "Honey, i promise she'll come sooner or later..PLEASE, JUST GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH!!"

She finally went and brushed! Ahh..i can't believe you don't have to have a degree in "parenting" to be a mom. BUT, perhaps a degree in psychology would be better..i'd learn all the tricks on REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!

Happy Thursday & /or Good Friday EVE! :)


Annie said...

Oh my God. Love her conversation, so funny.

Have a great weekend.

Missy said...

Priceless! Hannah is a smart girl!

Gibson Twins said...

Oh my goodness, she's sooo funny! That's the approach I'd take too if I were four years old! lol

Probably the funniest part is that she'd want to use her tooth fairy money for MAKEUP haha You must be so proud :)

jay_say said...

Wow... what thinking... I was worried I would have that since we had to pull one of Jon's front teeth but Matt never complained. I think they like the fact that they are now different in a way.