Monday, March 30, 2009

Always on my TOES!

Paul asked me why i don’t blog anymore.  I could give you excuse after excuse, but it’s mostly b/c my kidos keep me on my toes all day long.  I start to write a blog..and get distracted by someone getting hurt, bit, doing clothes, and all in all-just doing my JOB!  It’s just HARD taking care of two/two year olds..and driving 1 hour(round trip) twice a day and still trying to get the girls to take a nap, eat lunch, do all the laundry, and KEEP THIS HOUSE CLEAN while it’s on the market!  I honestly don’t feel like i have much time to do anything..other than the normal day to day stuff, these days!  Our house is still on the market, and that alone is stressful, when you’ve already bought another house.  On top of that, my kidos are definitely right in the middle of their terrible twos and Hannah is right in the middle of her terrible 4’s(is there actually a Terrible 4’s-LOL)!  So between the madness and sickness(which started before thanksgiving with Rotavirus, to dirty diaper virus, to fever virus to strep/croup-that they are JUST getting over), i don’t really have time for much.  Facebook has turned into my little time to de-stress and chat with old friends..catch up on their lives and that’s MY LIFE in a nutshell. 

With all that being said..the twins really played a trick on me today.  I had gone to the grocery store on my normal Monday grocery trip.  I unloaded the girls..the groceries and then went back to get my purse.  I shut the door on the way out so Gracye didn’t go running out the door.  As i went back to open the was LOCKED!  Yes, LOCKED!  I thought i have always been on step ahead of my little tricksters..not this time.  They LOCKED ME OUT!  I had my purse, and no key..nothing.  In a panick, i ran across the street to our wonderful neighbors house to use her phone.  Luckily she’s very calm and reminded me that my other neighbor had used our key a while back to come in and go upstairs and watch our t.v during the baseball play offs a while back and i he still had the key!  Thankfully he was home, as he had been packing up to go to work.  I asked him if he had the key, he said “well, somewhere”!  I said, “PLEASE try to find it..the girls are in the house and locked me out!”  He went right in and grabbed it.  So, today i learned that we should ALWAYS have a key to the house hidden somewhere outside our’s always made me kinda nervous thinking..if theirs a key outside our house..someone could find it and walk in.  BUT, what are the chances of someone searching for a key all around your house to get in?  Not very likely!  SO, i will get a key made and hid this does NOT happen again! 


I have not posted pics in a while either..Pauls parents were here for the weekend as they were going through back to KS, so here are a few pics from that. As usual, we had a great time and we were sad to see them go..but we’ll see them in just a few months as we head up to KS for Pauls --th  high school class reunion(i left that blank so no one knows how long my hubby has been out of HS!)  LOL!!!


YEHAW grandpa!


Look at the fun the girls have riding grandpa!


Sam’s turn..


WHOA…TWO kidos!!


Not sure what grandpa is showing them here!



Since everyone was just getting over strep/croup, we didn’t get to get out much..but Paul did get out the bounce house..and the girls had a blast!


Gotta love the STATIC in their hair! 


Hannah is a monkey..


P.S. Paul, i know a LOT of dad’s that write on moms blogs every once in a while.. YOU are more than welcome to jump right on in when you have some time-they DO have spell check when you use live writer!  LOL!!!


cat said...

Good to hear from you again! Good luck on the sale of the house. I am sure poor grandpa was one tired horsey.

Jamie said...

I'm so with you on the not having time thing!! We're still dealing with two houses, two kids in school, 3 year old twins that take my attention most of the time, and yeah, I don't have time for much else!!!

The house thing! I've been there too! We have a key pad to get into our house now. Its like keyless entry for the car, only there's also the option to use a key with the deadbolt. I LOVE it! I'm NEVER locked out of my house now!!!!

Hang in there!!! Won't be long and you'll be in that new house, and wont' have that 1 hour drive any more!!!!