Saturday, April 04, 2009

Texas Bluebonnet Pics 4/4/09

This is our Third year to take pics of all three of my girls together!  Every year we’ve stated-as we were driving off: “think how much fun next year will be!”  This year, that didn’t even cross our mind or come out of our mouth.  Seriously, this was, by far, the BEST year we’ve had..and i honestly don’t think next year can get any better!  The girls REALLY had a blast..laying in the flowers, running through the flowers, picking a few(please don’t tell anyone or we may go to the pokey for that one :)!  All in all we had soo much fun, but we’re exhausted now!  :) 


We didn’t get a great family pic..but i got a TON of really cute pics of the girls.  We didn’t go with my sister this year since we planned this last minute and headed straight to the MOMS Easter Social as soon as we were done with pics.  Luckily, there was a really nice family taking pics while we were the nice man took a few pics of us..but just as he was taking them, the sun was shining BRIGHT and the wind was BLOWING pretty hard..but we have a few either way! :)


P.S. WARNING..there are a TON of pics…i went crazy..took like 200 pics and couldn’t decide which were the best! :) 


This was the best family pic..but very washed out..we’re going to try to photo shop it and darken it back up!


And then the wind came…:)


Look at those flowers!


And the sisterly love of siblings..


What about a Bluebonnet Angel instead of snow angel?


Look at her running!


When i saw two heads popping up through the was priceless!


And then S & S were hanging out in the blue..


mommy & her girls! 


I love this pic…with my big girl in my lap! 


Daddy and his girls..


S & S..


My sweet Hannah in action1


Holding hands..SOO sweet!


Hannah in the bluebonnets..


Look at that love!


Now, if i can find a good way to get the green grass stains out of these white dresses..i’ll be one VERY HAPPY MAMA! :)


Annie said...

Glad that everyone had a great day. The pics are beautiful.

Have a great weekend.

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