Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday..

Today i’m thankful for:

(SORRY, i just can’t get ENOUGH of these pics in the bluebonnets!)   I can’t wait to have time to load some on mpix and have them printed.  SOME DAY SOON…

My BEAUTIFUL Healthy Twin baby girls..


My BEAUTIFUL big girl!


My hubby..didn’t have a pic of him alone-EVEN THOUGH he’s grumpy at night and snores SOO LOUD he probably wakes up the old couple next door to us! :)


My sweet Gracye…since we’ve very lucky that they have a cheaper surgery we can afford to do on her second leg.  :)


AND MY SUGAR..don’t have a pic of her..maybe b/c she’s all over the place.  BUT, she is also such a great dog and the girls just love her soo much!


Missy said...

Aww! What a great list with beautiful pictures! Your girls are too precious!!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!! Truly beautiful!!!!

ps i think we have the same white dress! from The Children's Place????

Annie said...

I like your list. Definitely, the pictures are the best.

Thanks for your encouragement, I appreciate them.

cat said...

Those pics are so gorgeous, you can flaunt them a bit! Ah puppies, so much part of the family.

jay_say said...

The pictures are beautiful! Glad things are going well.

Rachael said...

the pictures are beautiful, no wonder you can't get enough!

twinsmom said...

Your girls are so beautiful and growing up fast! Gorgeous pictures!