Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here are some pics from the rain we had a few days ago.  It was HORRIBLE and really rained from 5pm on Monday until Tuesday morning about 5am-NON STOP! 

Since we have a wonderful lovely neighbor that had bought the lot next door(years before we moved in) assuming he’d one day have enough money to build his “dream home” and obviously doesn’t have the money…he’s letting it all grow over and there are weeds galore.  This is what happens as the grass grows high..and the water can’t get through fast enough!  Gotta love “those” neighbors!!  LOL!


I have never seen the water this high!  It was CRAZY!


More pics..i think it’s time to give the guy a call and tell him to get with it or i’m REALLY going to report him to the city for not mowing his grass.  Did i also mention that he’s left a stagnant pool of YUCK right beside us..luckily he’s nice enough to fill the BROWN pool with fish to keep the TX size mosquitos away…not really sure it works..but we’ll pretend like it does. :)







AND Since Hannah’s school suddenly decided to close and didn’t tell us…we brought everyone home through the flood and Hannah painted this lovely apple tree.  I think she’s going to be an ARTIST!  She’s sooo good at drawing! 


My sweet big girl!


You can’t see too well..but these are my poor feet after being attacked by fire ants while going down the row with one of my sweet older neighbors(Charlie-who reminds me soo much of my grandpa) unclog the drains and get the water moving.  Those little bastards suckers bit me about 10 or 12 times.  When it first happened i felt a sting..but they didn’t itch until the middle of the night..NOW, they are still itching the point that i scratch and they bleed! 


This is what happens when the girls are over-tired and fighting their naps..they fall asleep hanging off of the couch!  LOL!  HILARIOUS!  I


I had to shove her back on the couch..


Sam slept on daddys chair..sooo peaceful! 



Annie said...

We have the same problem when its rainy. I hate when it happen because we were afraid that the water enter to our house.

So sorry for your feets. Use triple antiobiotic on the affected area.

Love the pictures of the girls.

Barbara Manatee said...

wow..that's a LOT of water! We've had tons of rain here too with some flooded areas, but nothing right by us. our main park in town is under water always floods when it rains a lot though.

Gibson Twins said...

That is CRAZY! We never get rain like that here- thank goodness.

PS- do you want an old navy coupon? i have tons left so just let me know!

Have a great weekend!