Friday, January 30, 2009

Thankful Friday..

Nope, it doesn't ryhme, but i could care less. Today i'm thankful..thankful for my beautiful healthy girls and my wonderful husband. Today i'm praying for Tuesday and her family too. Althought i have never met her or her family before and only know of her through blogging..i've read her blog since her mommy started it and we both have twin girls that are only months apart(this blogging thing turns into circles of friends..and someone i was lead to her blog). It's always fun to read blogs of other mommies with twins..girls, boys, identical, fraternal..we all have that bond. A bond that is like a sorrority of mommies that know all about what YOU are going through. Anyway, last night i read her blog and poor baby Tuesday is really sick(she has been sick and fighting cancer, tumors and just things that a poor little two year old should never have to fight). I couldn't sleep all night thinking about her and her family...i can't imgaine what they are going through. Why do things like this happen? Why can't all young babies, just be healthy. I just don't understand. I was so upset..this morning i just broke down crying because it's just too sad. I just couldn't imgaine one of my twins getting really sick and her sister(who looks exactly like her) watching her change..and not look like her anymore. How do you explain that to a two year old? Anyway, please please keep Praying for Tuesday...pray for her, for her family to be able to emotionally deal with this...and the rest of her family to be right there with her through this time.

On that note, i'm thankful for my family..for my beautiful healthy girls..for my wonderful hubby and for all our health. Sometimes we all get so caught up in LIFE, we really forget how extremly lucky we are to have healthy children..and a healthy family. Today, i'm going to remind myself not to take that all for granted. Money comes and goes..but your family is so much more important. I'm still hoping for a miracle and that Tuesday will just wake up healthy and happy tomorrow..but we just never know what God will bring to each of us. We never know when it could be US? So, hold your kidos and hubbies tightly tonight..and always tell them you love them. That is one thing i have learned through life..i tell my girls i love them ALL the time. My parents weren't the kind to tell their children how much they loved them..until there was some sort of family drama..DON"T wait for that. Even if they are bad and got in trouble at school..even if they received a bad grade(or a X at church-LOL) tell them you LOVE THEM! All children need to hear that.

Sometimes i wonder if i should have ever gotten soo hooked on blogging. I see so much..before blogging i was sheltered. Never heard much about sick kids..heard much about premature babies..but now i KNOW. Life isn't always pretty..but you take what is dealt to you and make the most of it.

Anyway, PLEASE PLEASE..if you pray..pray for Tuesday and her family. What a precious little gift..and it just really breaks my heart b/c she's been through SOO much in her short little life time. My heart is just breaking for her family..i just want to hug them all and hope that little Tuesday will get better. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The grass is NOT greener

Paul and i arrived home from our wonderful trip to Vegas yesterday.  We had a magnifent time.  I mean..we really couldn't have asked for a better trip.  We were VERY fortunate to have Pauls WONDERFUL parents volunteer to come down and watch the girls for a few days.  WHOA...what a challenge for anyone.  Anyway, my thoughts are all jumbled right now b/c my computer keyboard is fried and won't really i'm going to make this hopes that my keyboard will come in soon and my hubby will take this very short post as a hint to FIX MY COMPuter!  LOL!


SO, my quick point was...we had a great time..but most nights it was Just too quiet..and for me..the grass is NOT greener on the other side..i couldn't imagine my life without my 3 beautiful precious gifts...they truly make our lives bright and complete. 


SORRY SO i stated my keyboard is FRIED and the "P" is falling out..cross your fingers this gets fixed ASAP..i'm sick of a broken computer. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting a LITTLE Blogging! HA!

Well we've been one VERY busy family lately. The girls are back in school and i've been trying to get the house ready to put on the market. Then Sunday, we took a drive out to the area we had been looking for a house. LOW AND BEHOLD..we found a georgous house on 14500 sq ft lot that backs up to a WALKING TRAIL..and is literally a hop skip and jump away from the neighborhood elementary school. We HAD to have it. SO, we bought it. It's Beautiful..and everything we wanted. The house is 3300 sq ft..not too big not too small. Has a pool, nice big kitchen, has all sorts of energy efficient things, has a bug barrier-HOLY SMOKES COULD IT GET ANY BETTER-and has a POOL! SO, we grabbed it. SOO sporatic, i know...but it's going to be GREAT to put Hannah & the twins in the public school system..isn't THAT why we pay taxes ANYWAY? Not to pay taxes, and THEN pay MORE schooling to put your kids in a private school that you feel is safe for them. Anyway, i'm stepping off my pedestal now.

Other than that, we are counting down until gma & gpa M make it down so we can head on to VEGAS BABY! I still can't BELIEVE IT! We leave in less that 4 days! WHOA, that's REALLY SOON! BUT, Paul & I are really looking forward to some time alone. We are going to sleep late(maybe), eat out and not worry about kidos bouncing all over the place, maybe gamble a 20 or TWO..but we are NOT big probably not. Maybe we'll sit in the hot tub and drink instead. NOW, THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN!

I apologize for ignoring all my blogging buddies lately. Life is just crazy, but thankfully a happy healthy CRAZY! We are loving life, enjoying our kidos and soo happy to be moving to suburbia soon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

No such thing as Slacking with 3 kidos! LOL~

OK, so maybe i've been more, like a little behind on things. My life is just crazy these days. From the 2 hour car trip to school and back each day, to getting ready to put our house on the market, to planning for MOD, and i could honestly go on and on. O yeah and did i mention i still have to wash clothes, dishes, feed children, keep the house clean & even FEED THE DOGS & MAKE dinner some nights..YEAH it's FUN! HA HA!

Lots of fun things going on lately.

Most importantly, Paul & I are thrilled that we'll be taking our VERY FIRST Vacation together post kidos NEXT WEEK! Yes, Yes, AMAZINGLY Pauls Parents Graciously took on the SUPER GrandParent JOB of watching THREE kidos for FOUR DAYS/THREE NIGHTS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? Talking about GOLD STAR GRANDPARENTS! We are THRILLED AND SOO excited to go. OR should i say Pauls excited to go and I'm EXCITED BUT NERVOUS. Not that they can't handle it...but because i'm worried we're going to come home to Gma & Gpa locked in the closet tied up to chairs! LOL! Anyway, we are going to VEGAS and our flight should be taking off right about T-7 days..almost to the minute! FUN FUN FUN! We are staying at the madalay bay hotel and don't have ANY plans..other than to lay at the pool OR hot tub and drink fruity drinks and not have to worry about ANYTHING! THEN, eat, drink gamble 20.00(so we can get some free drinks-LOL) and RELAX. I'm hoping for a couples massage..but i'm not quite sure Paul will agree. We'll just have to wait and see.

Other than that, not much going on. OTHER than my girls growing by leaps and bounds. It's amazing what a difference, even a few WEEKS makes for the girls. I swear they are talking in complete sentences..and can have an entire conversation with each other or their big sister. It's very funny & sometimes i wonder why i was SOO excited about them learning to talk. HA!

Our lives are like a 3 ring circus around here but it's FUN! I have been telling people..i finally feel like i have a TRUE sense of normalcy(or as normal as it can be for 3 children). We can go out with the girls and a few diapers...we have babysitters now and we leave the girls home w/o putting them to bed, we are NORMAL. It's NICE!

There are SOO many funny things that have happened lately, i don't really know where to start. I guess i could start by our little incidents last night and this morning. Sam has decided she doesn't like her dirty diaper on her butt anymore. SO, when she goes, she immediately gets naked and brings me her dirty diaper. Last night was the first time, then AGAIN this morning. I'd love to see what people actually see from the outside looking in b/c Sam must have stripped down naked in the front bay window after she went potty and brought me her poopy diaper. OMG, it WAS funny. She said "mommy, poopy diaper(as she hands in to me). Then runs off, in the buff with icky all over her bottom. Of course i dropped the phone and ran after her..and then very carefully picked her up and took her to the bedroom to wipe and put clothes on. Then she yells at me that she wanted to dress herself and that she wanted "tinka bell shirt". Have i stated how OBSESSED they are with tinker bell??!!

Hannah is doing good. I had a meeting with her teacher on Tuesday and it's always GREAT! I swear she's such an angel at one really has any idea what happens the minute my sweet angel hits the door at home. I think she bottles up everything and explodes when she gets home. Don't get me wrong..she is such a sweet loving baby..and a GREAT big sister..but she can also tear up a house or cause a pretty big fight. :)

This weekend is going to be busy. BUT, maybe i'll find more time to blog later.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2 year appt.

Paul and i took the girls for their 2 year appt today. It was NOT bad at all. Luckily they didn't get any shots. HALLELUIA! They only had the normal weight/height/head circumference check, etc. Here are their stats:
Sam: 32 inches - 15%
weight 25lbs but i weighted her the other day and it said i'm sure she's not 25lbs. BUT, that is in the 25% percentile.

Sarah is 33 inches- 25%
Weight is 24.12..again i weighted her and she was 24lbs even. Keep in mind they weighted them with their clothes on, shoes on and jackets on. So it's 25% for 24.12lbs..but i'm sure lower for 24lbs.

Anyway, all in all they are doing just fine. We had a little talk about the Zofran incident and the rotavirus issue we had. She said they JUST brought out a new form of the rotavirus vaccination and that she had refused to do the other one b/c it DID indeed cause bad intestinal issues. I KNEW there was a reason why we didn't get it. Anyway, she said now that she's heard all about MY ordeal and Melody actually JUST went through the same thing..she's going to start pushing the new vaccination more since they said it's actually ok now. YEAH, 2 years late for ME & my babies! UGH!

Other than that, we talked to her about the little bubble thing over Sam's eyelid and she said we should go see a pedi dermatologist. SO, we'll be doing that soon. She THINKS it's just some form of wart but she would rather be safe than sorry. I wonder what they did YEARS ago, when they didn't have all these pediatric dr's that specialized in different things? HMM... I'm going to take Hannah too b/c she also has a few of those of her backside and one on the back of her thigh. SO, i'll take them both and have the dr. check them out and see what can be done.

Today really made me see how big & independent my sweet Hannah is getting..i was driving into her school to drop her off and i told her we'd get out, but we couldn't stay since we had a very early appt at the dr's office. She said "no mom, just drive up and drop me off". WHAT? OMG, my heart sank..she wanted me to just drive up and drop her off at the door like a BIG girl? She really is growing up soo fast. She is a MAJOR help to me and Paul and i hope she knows what a good girl she really is to us..and how much the twins love her despite them always double teaming her. She's now keeping them in bed every morning until their 530am alarm goes off and if they get up before then..she gets them their handy dandy lights Paul bought them for xmas and they lay in bed and all take, giggle and hang out. It's really nice AND a big help to me b/c Pauls wanted to start going back into work at his normal 3 or 4 am..but with me having soo much to do in the morning..i never really gave him to go ahead b/c i really still needed him to be here to watch them while i took a shower. NOW, she gets up when the alarm goes off and SHE gets them their snacks, turns on the t.v and helps them get situated in the living room. I almost feel guilty b/c she's like their helper/mommy in the morning for the few minutes i'm in the shower getting ready to go. We couldn't have asked for a better big sister though. She's soo funny, smart, beautiful, sweet, and just a joy to our lives.

The twins are really growing up quickly too. Life is just CHANGING for everyone around the Myers house. The girls are becoming more and more independent and not such babies anymore. They are growing out of the scared stage, not scared of the babysitters, going to bed like big girls in their big girl beds, going upstairs by their selves, and even learning to clean up their messes AND help set the table for breakfast/lunch AND dinner. It's SOO funny when they all fight over who gets to put our more items on the table. Before i know it, they'll be making their own food. LOL! OK, maybe not too soon..but i can still dream. HA! BUT, life is just way easier around here these's starting to all come back together for us. I know Paul & I enjoy life a lot more now. Things aren't so stressful, so loud, and we don't WORRY about things. NOW, we can almost just jump up and go where we want to go, again. Of course it'll never be THAT easy, they'll always be someone fighting over putting on a shoe or jacket or what have you..but it's still much easier.

Here's to a MUCH BETTER YEAR, full of love, health and Please..NO HURRICANES! :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Ok, so i've been very bad and totally stopped blogging.  I have a confession.  I'm obsessed with FACEBOOK..just like everyone else that has joined.  Paul won't jump on the train..i know why.  I LOVE IT.  I have been able to re-connect will friends from college, friends from HS and MOST IMPORTANTLY, my bestest friend from ELEMENTARY!  SO, that's my excuse.  I also have a ton on my plate on top of this obsession.  We are getting our house ready to put on the market, i'm getting ready for our kick off to our March for Babies walk, and i could go on and on.  SO, i promise to do more blogging soon.  My latest kick was de-cluttering and cleaning the house.  Goodness, in 5.5 years of marriage, i've managed to fill this house up with STUFF.  From clothes to TOO MANY TOWELS in the bathroom, to crafting projects i started but didn't finish.  I"M REALLY REALLY GOOD AT THAT...starting and NOT finishing up a craft project.  I even went and bought a little sewing machine yesterday, which i hope to take out of the box SOON!  Paul knows ALL about my issues.  LOL! 

Anyway, with all that being said, i took a few pics(which i've also been slacking in lately too), of the girls in their new Rain Coats we bought at good ole' Sams this past weekend.  They looked too cute! 


Ok, seriously, aren't these the CUTEST rain coats ever???!!  SOO nice and bright. 


The girls didn't like them too much..but once we got out in the rain, they changed their minds. 


I think we need some rain boots too?  BUT, dad may not agree!  LOL!


Sunday, January 04, 2009


I haven't written much lately, b/c i've been in a haze about what happened on new years eve.  TODAY, i feel 100% better.  The young man(Colby) came by to apologize.  He's 15, clean cut little boy that obviously was getting ready to go hunting with his family.  He was completely honest and said he was shooting the arrow at a squirrel in a tree.  WHOA!  Yes, it HAD to have scared the life out of that it did me!  He was VERY VERY APOLOGETIC and i 100% BELIEVE he will NOT do it again.  I feel relieved that we can go in our backyard again and play safely.  He profusely apologized to both Paul & I!  We all feel much better..and can move on and THANK GOD that my babies are safe and the little boy DEFINITELY learned his lesson.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Our Visit w/Megan & Charley!

Today, Megan came over to visit.  I think she really wanted us to meet at McDonalds, but she brought it to us, instead.  We had a blast and as usual, by the time they were leaving, the girls were sad that she was leaving and wanted her and charley to stay here!  Isn't that how it always works?   I know i missed wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but with the craziness around here, i just didn't think about it. 


Here are some pics from today. 


Thanks Megan, for coming over to hang out and just kick back and chat.  I have really put all my old friends on the back burner since the babies were born.  I'm going to make that one of my new years resolutions, to try to hang out and see friends more, now that the babies are older and i can get out more and not feel guilty leaving them with Paul.

Charley, Hannah, Sarah & Sam


Sam, Sarah, Charley & Goofy-Oh, i mean Hannah!


Hannah & Charley loving on Sarah!


The big girls holding the little girls


Charley getting some loving from Sam


And one of my dearest friends..Megan.  Her and i go WAY WAY back-from girl scouts camp to dating and stealing each others boyfriends.  Now, we're all grown up and have kids and families!  CRAZY!