Friday, January 16, 2009

No such thing as Slacking with 3 kidos! LOL~

OK, so maybe i've been more, like a little behind on things. My life is just crazy these days. From the 2 hour car trip to school and back each day, to getting ready to put our house on the market, to planning for MOD, and i could honestly go on and on. O yeah and did i mention i still have to wash clothes, dishes, feed children, keep the house clean & even FEED THE DOGS & MAKE dinner some nights..YEAH it's FUN! HA HA!

Lots of fun things going on lately.

Most importantly, Paul & I are thrilled that we'll be taking our VERY FIRST Vacation together post kidos NEXT WEEK! Yes, Yes, AMAZINGLY Pauls Parents Graciously took on the SUPER GrandParent JOB of watching THREE kidos for FOUR DAYS/THREE NIGHTS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? Talking about GOLD STAR GRANDPARENTS! We are THRILLED AND SOO excited to go. OR should i say Pauls excited to go and I'm EXCITED BUT NERVOUS. Not that they can't handle it...but because i'm worried we're going to come home to Gma & Gpa locked in the closet tied up to chairs! LOL! Anyway, we are going to VEGAS and our flight should be taking off right about T-7 days..almost to the minute! FUN FUN FUN! We are staying at the madalay bay hotel and don't have ANY plans..other than to lay at the pool OR hot tub and drink fruity drinks and not have to worry about ANYTHING! THEN, eat, drink gamble 20.00(so we can get some free drinks-LOL) and RELAX. I'm hoping for a couples massage..but i'm not quite sure Paul will agree. We'll just have to wait and see.

Other than that, not much going on. OTHER than my girls growing by leaps and bounds. It's amazing what a difference, even a few WEEKS makes for the girls. I swear they are talking in complete sentences..and can have an entire conversation with each other or their big sister. It's very funny & sometimes i wonder why i was SOO excited about them learning to talk. HA!

Our lives are like a 3 ring circus around here but it's FUN! I have been telling people..i finally feel like i have a TRUE sense of normalcy(or as normal as it can be for 3 children). We can go out with the girls and a few diapers...we have babysitters now and we leave the girls home w/o putting them to bed, we are NORMAL. It's NICE!

There are SOO many funny things that have happened lately, i don't really know where to start. I guess i could start by our little incidents last night and this morning. Sam has decided she doesn't like her dirty diaper on her butt anymore. SO, when she goes, she immediately gets naked and brings me her dirty diaper. Last night was the first time, then AGAIN this morning. I'd love to see what people actually see from the outside looking in b/c Sam must have stripped down naked in the front bay window after she went potty and brought me her poopy diaper. OMG, it WAS funny. She said "mommy, poopy diaper(as she hands in to me). Then runs off, in the buff with icky all over her bottom. Of course i dropped the phone and ran after her..and then very carefully picked her up and took her to the bedroom to wipe and put clothes on. Then she yells at me that she wanted to dress herself and that she wanted "tinka bell shirt". Have i stated how OBSESSED they are with tinker bell??!!

Hannah is doing good. I had a meeting with her teacher on Tuesday and it's always GREAT! I swear she's such an angel at one really has any idea what happens the minute my sweet angel hits the door at home. I think she bottles up everything and explodes when she gets home. Don't get me wrong..she is such a sweet loving baby..and a GREAT big sister..but she can also tear up a house or cause a pretty big fight. :)

This weekend is going to be busy. BUT, maybe i'll find more time to blog later.


jay_say said...

Putting your house on the market? Did I miss something? Did Paul get transferred? Are you staying in the area? Details...

Heather Marie said...

Woohoo VEGAS! I hope you enjoy every bit of it! I am sure it is much needed! Have a blast girl! :)

cat said...

Oh wow,that holiday sounds amazing. We really have to try to do something like that at a stage. Enjoy!

Jamie said...

Wow! You have a lot going on! I hope the house thing goes smoothly for you! I can't wait to hear all about the new potential place!!!

The dirty diaper thing. . .yeah, we've been there too! It's funny the first few times, but after that man, YUCK!!!!

HAVE FUN ON YOUR VACATION!!!! Enjoy your time as a married couple! I don't know that there is a better gift you can give your kids other than renewing your love for each other with a break!!!!

Hope said...

I just wanted to say hello..I stumbled on your blog when i was trying to get to MY blog themyerstwins2006.blogspot and I enjoyed reading your blog. Your twins are 6 months younger than my twins. Anyways, just wanted to say hello from a fellow houston twin Myers mommy.