Sunday, January 04, 2009


I haven't written much lately, b/c i've been in a haze about what happened on new years eve.  TODAY, i feel 100% better.  The young man(Colby) came by to apologize.  He's 15, clean cut little boy that obviously was getting ready to go hunting with his family.  He was completely honest and said he was shooting the arrow at a squirrel in a tree.  WHOA!  Yes, it HAD to have scared the life out of that it did me!  He was VERY VERY APOLOGETIC and i 100% BELIEVE he will NOT do it again.  I feel relieved that we can go in our backyard again and play safely.  He profusely apologized to both Paul & I!  We all feel much better..and can move on and THANK GOD that my babies are safe and the little boy DEFINITELY learned his lesson.


Michele said...

I bet it took a lot of courage for that boy to come talk to you...hope he really did mean it and learned something. It's great that you can breathe a little easier. Glad it worked out!

Annie said...

I think he learned from his mistake. I hope he don't do that again.

Have a great week.

Barbara Manatee said...

SUPER cute new background!

I'm so glad you feel some ease about the incident. Glad too that the kid came over, but I surely hope he learned his lesson. He deserves to be scared by it!!

Lisa & Gerald said...

Im glad to hear he stop by to talk to you guys!