Friday, January 02, 2009

Our Visit w/Megan & Charley!

Today, Megan came over to visit.  I think she really wanted us to meet at McDonalds, but she brought it to us, instead.  We had a blast and as usual, by the time they were leaving, the girls were sad that she was leaving and wanted her and charley to stay here!  Isn't that how it always works?   I know i missed wishing everyone a Happy New Year, but with the craziness around here, i just didn't think about it. 


Here are some pics from today. 


Thanks Megan, for coming over to hang out and just kick back and chat.  I have really put all my old friends on the back burner since the babies were born.  I'm going to make that one of my new years resolutions, to try to hang out and see friends more, now that the babies are older and i can get out more and not feel guilty leaving them with Paul.

Charley, Hannah, Sarah & Sam


Sam, Sarah, Charley & Goofy-Oh, i mean Hannah!


Hannah & Charley loving on Sarah!


The big girls holding the little girls


Charley getting some loving from Sam


And one of my dearest friends..Megan.  Her and i go WAY WAY back-from girl scouts camp to dating and stealing each others boyfriends.  Now, we're all grown up and have kids and families!  CRAZY!