Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2 year appt.

Paul and i took the girls for their 2 year appt today. It was NOT bad at all. Luckily they didn't get any shots. HALLELUIA! They only had the normal weight/height/head circumference check, etc. Here are their stats:
Sam: 32 inches - 15%
weight 25lbs but i weighted her the other day and it said i'm sure she's not 25lbs. BUT, that is in the 25% percentile.

Sarah is 33 inches- 25%
Weight is 24.12..again i weighted her and she was 24lbs even. Keep in mind they weighted them with their clothes on, shoes on and jackets on. So it's 25% for 24.12lbs..but i'm sure lower for 24lbs.

Anyway, all in all they are doing just fine. We had a little talk about the Zofran incident and the rotavirus issue we had. She said they JUST brought out a new form of the rotavirus vaccination and that she had refused to do the other one b/c it DID indeed cause bad intestinal issues. I KNEW there was a reason why we didn't get it. Anyway, she said now that she's heard all about MY ordeal and Melody actually JUST went through the same thing..she's going to start pushing the new vaccination more since they said it's actually ok now. YEAH, 2 years late for ME & my babies! UGH!

Other than that, we talked to her about the little bubble thing over Sam's eyelid and she said we should go see a pedi dermatologist. SO, we'll be doing that soon. She THINKS it's just some form of wart but she would rather be safe than sorry. I wonder what they did YEARS ago, when they didn't have all these pediatric dr's that specialized in different things? HMM... I'm going to take Hannah too b/c she also has a few of those of her backside and one on the back of her thigh. SO, i'll take them both and have the dr. check them out and see what can be done.

Today really made me see how big & independent my sweet Hannah is getting..i was driving into her school to drop her off and i told her we'd get out, but we couldn't stay since we had a very early appt at the dr's office. She said "no mom, just drive up and drop me off". WHAT? OMG, my heart sank..she wanted me to just drive up and drop her off at the door like a BIG girl? She really is growing up soo fast. She is a MAJOR help to me and Paul and i hope she knows what a good girl she really is to us..and how much the twins love her despite them always double teaming her. She's now keeping them in bed every morning until their 530am alarm goes off and if they get up before then..she gets them their handy dandy lights Paul bought them for xmas and they lay in bed and all take, giggle and hang out. It's really nice AND a big help to me b/c Pauls wanted to start going back into work at his normal 3 or 4 am..but with me having soo much to do in the morning..i never really gave him to go ahead b/c i really still needed him to be here to watch them while i took a shower. NOW, she gets up when the alarm goes off and SHE gets them their snacks, turns on the t.v and helps them get situated in the living room. I almost feel guilty b/c she's like their helper/mommy in the morning for the few minutes i'm in the shower getting ready to go. We couldn't have asked for a better big sister though. She's soo funny, smart, beautiful, sweet, and just a joy to our lives.

The twins are really growing up quickly too. Life is just CHANGING for everyone around the Myers house. The girls are becoming more and more independent and not such babies anymore. They are growing out of the scared stage, not scared of the babysitters, going to bed like big girls in their big girl beds, going upstairs by their selves, and even learning to clean up their messes AND help set the table for breakfast/lunch AND dinner. It's SOO funny when they all fight over who gets to put our more items on the table. Before i know it, they'll be making their own food. LOL! OK, maybe not too soon..but i can still dream. HA! BUT, life is just way easier around here these's starting to all come back together for us. I know Paul & I enjoy life a lot more now. Things aren't so stressful, so loud, and we don't WORRY about things. NOW, we can almost just jump up and go where we want to go, again. Of course it'll never be THAT easy, they'll always be someone fighting over putting on a shoe or jacket or what have you..but it's still much easier.

Here's to a MUCH BETTER YEAR, full of love, health and Please..NO HURRICANES! :)


Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah for a good check up and good things all around! I was thinking the other day how 'easy' the kids are these days too...but that will ALL change in a matter of days here! Lord help us! haha!! Someday, it'll be 'easy' again - I hope! :-)

Annie said...

I'm glad that everything goes fine with the girls. Definitely, they grow very fast and they are not babies. I can't believe it, how time flies?

cat said...

Good appointment! My but they have grown.

Gibson Twins said...

So glad it was an "easy" appointment for all! That helps when they don't have to get shots!!

The girls seem much smaller than my two. Allison was just at the ped for the pukey/poopy ordeal last week and they weighed her naked at 27 lbs. Ryan is 31 lbs. And he has 4" in height on her- so weird that they were so close in birthweight!

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! You have 2 little shorties! Glad the appt went so well!

I agree with Barb...just when we think it's getting easy..BAM! Not so much anymore. LOL I'm just glad we have eachother to compare notes :)