Thursday, June 04, 2009

My windows live writer is not working..

And neither is blogger...wondering if my computer is on the fritz. BY NOW i should have had 100 pics added to blogger. Instead i have no blogs and no pics. SOOO, after my sweet hubby helps and figures out what is posts! LOL! Hopefully we'll get this issue fixed soon. Every time i load it says i exceeded my pics..WHAT? I haven't added pics in ages..and there is no way that is correct! say the least. I have SOO many pics i want to post..about the house, last day of school and Hannah's swimming class. BUT, since this crappy blogger isn't'll have to wait until it works! :)

Have a great weekend...we're done it's all fun now!


cat said...

Oh no!

Annie said...

I have some difficults with blogger.

Enjoy the weekend.