Friday, June 05, 2009

Hannah Swim Lessons – Day TWO

I know i’m biased..but Hannah is just an amazing child.  She succeeds like no other child her age..she never says no to others(note i didn’t say to Paul or I) and she just wants to please everyone that she knows.  With all that being said..the child is a water baby.  She is my little shining star.  

Ms. AnnMarie(the swim teacher) said she’s doing better on day two, than most do, by the end of a lesson..

Did i mention how determined she is to learn…she begs me to take her out to our pool EVERYDAY when the girls are’s precious and of course i never say no.  Who doesn’t need a break after unpacking box after box…


Hannah with a kick board doing the superman hold with a noodle to hold her up.  I think that she is the PERFECT age to learn to swim..she’s not scared..loves water..and has that determination..


look at those feet kicking..she is a champ!


Kicking back to the other end. 




The poor girl is was pouring down rain..freezing cold for the poor 34.7lb little girl.  She was shivering..and still did great!



She’s going under water like a fish.  I am SOOO PROUD of her!  REALLY PROUD..


Under water again..i’m going to have to reward her for how good she has done..working in the water, begging to take a bath to put her head under water…in the pool, etc.


At the end of each lesson the jump in..the poor baby was shivering and still did it.  WHOO HOO!