Friday, May 29, 2009

Last day Of MDO- 2009 – St. Rose Of Lima

Aubree with red Hair on the left..then Katie, Sarah, & Brody


Sam, Max, Katie..& i forgot the other little boy’s name..


Brody looking at you in the blue..he’s such a cutie!


All the kidos checking out the books..SOO sweet!


Max, Brody, Katie, Hannah


Katie & Sarah


Ms. Sarah, Ms. Anna, Samantha, Sarah & Hannah



Same as Above..  :)


We had a great Year with Ms. Anna….i can’t tell you how much i cried when we were leaving.  She was great with the girls and always told me how good they did and what they learned.  They were also sad to see them leave..i think they really enjoyed comparing who was doing what, when..


Annie said...

Love the pics of the girls at school. Is so sad when we have great students and have to say goodbye.

Hannah's day at school was so cool. What a wonderfful idea for entertainment.

Have a wonderful weekend.

PS: Have you moved to your new house?

cat said...

Oh how fast they grow up..

Lisa & Gerald said...

Aww they are so cute....