Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swim Lessons Day 2 of our second Session!

Hannah did AWESOME!  She even shocked the teacher when she told her she could jump off the rock and swim to the side without any assistance.  I think my little girl is a natural.  Hmm..maybe an Olympic swimmer..do they make lots of money?!   LOL!  Just  kidding!




This is where Ms. Annmarie was AMAZED..Hannah jumped off the rock..i LOVE this pic! 


TOOK a breath and swam to the side without ANY assistance!  I’m one proud MAMA today!  O yes and did i mention, the girls are being angels at lessons..sitting on the ground with me..no fits, no whining and special candy as a treat from daddy-when they get into the car after the 30 minute lessons.



Annie said...

She did a wonderful job.

cat said...

Oh wow, she is doing so great! Excellent. Check out your facebook girl.

Annie said...

Hi Brenda, hope everything is ok and that you are having a wonderful summer with family.

I tagged you, check my blog.