Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seaweed & Octopus

We had some “fancy kiddie food” over at the Myers house! 

Paul was soo excited and couldn’t wait to try out this recipe!

That’s a hot dog cut to look like a octopus and some Ramen noodles that have green food coloring in them!  LOL!



Happy Hannah…who by the way used to “LIVE” on hot dogs.  To the extent that we were worried that’d be ALL she’d ever eat..or perhaps, she’d turn INTO a hot dog!  HA!


Sarah with a VERY LONG noodle! 

And check out those cool red “waters” they are drinking.  I’m loving those cool new fizzy tabs from kool aide!  The girls are loving them TOO!



Glad the food coloring didn’t get all over them!


Sarah was very happy with the green noodles!  Sam calls noodles “nerdles”…it’s SOO FUNNY! 



Annie said...

Is a great idea, I need to try it because my girls are very picky eaters.

HT said...

Great idea ! My kids are not picky eaters and dinner time they will be circling the kitchen like sharks! But I think they would love a funny face on their plate!