Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun times between S & S!

I am just dumping pics from my camera…i think Hannah actually did this to them.  They were SOO excited about all this PINK…Gotta love a house full of girls and pink!  HA!  P.S. Sam wears that nasty dirty VERY OLD AND VERY SMALL shirt EVERYDAY!  I’m going to have to save it for her to see when she gets’s been washed too many times and that skirt is a 12-18 month.  LOL!  It’s very funny…she even knows the rules..she puts it on as soon as we are done with our chores and running around for the day..



Ahh…my Sarah.  Look at those eyes and precious smile…i love her NO MATTER how many hours of the day she’s in trouble!  HA HA!


I tell you…having twins has benefits.  These sweeties play together ALL DAY LONG.  I want a built in best friend.  It’s soo unfair.   

These girls party it up like rock stars…Sam convinced Sarah to sit in the baby doll stroller so she could push her around like a baby doll. 




Annie said...

OMG, Brenda the girls are so big. Love their pictures.